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Monday, June 11, 2012

About Me.

Our social media platforms can be quite telling of our personalities, yet we feel wrongfully accused when people judge us based on our social media personalities.

Have you checked someone out via his/her Facebook profile after the first meeting? Determining a person whom you've just met, a player because of multiple solo photos with girls, a party girl because of her multiple going out photos or high maintenance because of her album titled "Modelling"?

There was even rumours that potential employers check out our Facebook profiles before hiring! I've checked with HR contacts and they say they do, but only a minority will take time to screen Facebook profiles.

But we all know that social media is a platform to show off right?
So does it reflect us truly?

My blog can be pretty telling of my personality, my faithful readers have written to me, telling me so. They are close, but not entirely accurate. 

I fell in love with him over Powerpoint because he's SO funny!

Inspired by a friend who writes at, it really did dawn upon me that we spend way toooooo much of our lives creating Powerpoint presentations.

So here's mine. May it represent me a little better. May the Powerpoint be more telling than our social media platforms.
About me
View more PowerPoint from XtineN

Power to the Point.


Kelvin Ang said...

Love this post! Funny! But sums up everything.

And I got a new blog to read on!

Xtine said...

Thanks for leaving a comment! Shalu has way toooo much good content on his site. All intellectual stuff leh,dont play play.

Silver said...

LOVEEE your powerpoint! You've got a lot achieved woman! All hail the Yummy Super Blogger! ;)

Xtine said...

U shld do ur own! Thank u silver, u nv fail to leave a comment whenever u visit :)

Silver said...

I stalk u more than you know... ;)

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