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Friday, December 10, 2010

Celebrity Gossip

All pictures from Vitamin's FB page.
The launch of Vitamin Water was by far one of the most attended by celebrities. Every corner i turn, every person i bump into is one good looking person or a famed other.

I'm not much of a tattletale, but if you haven't had a chance for invites or rubbed shoulders, let me share with you some of the juiciest gossips I know.

Afterall, everyone loves reading.

Disclaimer: The gossip you read here DO NOT represent the celebrities recognised from these pictures. The gossips are meant to stay annoymous and non-malicious.

gos·sip (g s p). n. 1. Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.
A certain Ang Moh host's gorgeous wife gave birth a year ago and they're both contemplating breast implants (for the woman of course) for the better of their married sex life. Breast feeding apparantly sucked her breasts dry.
As a little girl, Triple Nine's female lead was an actress i looked up too. She's a MILF now, something i envision to be. In person, she is as cool as her on-screen persona. Her husband, walks around like as if he's a sex god. Got to admit, he does have the body of one though.

Another Ah-Ge of Caldecott, dark as a horse. I met him in his late thirties , also walks as if all women worship the ground he walks. He got married recently, i guess he finally grew up.

I was 18, the legendary actor who cheated on his older wife was a flirtateous charming man. He asked for my number, saying he'll get me a possible stint in an advertising firm.
When i was 8, i was a calefare in a Ch8 drama. An actress (who is very pretty then, but put on quite a bit of weight now. Never did get into the A list even though been in the industry very long) was very fond of me, and held my hand like i was her daughter. She went to the director and 撒娇 (pout), asking him to buy an ice-cream for us me. She was probably trying to

A) show him her maternal instinct by demonstrating with me (as if i am her baby) or
B) turn him on by licking an ice-cream

They were both stingy. I never got my ice-cream.
A host ( let's call her SeaShell) wasn't famous then (but now famous because of a certain role), but acted like a total DIVA. She cringed when i offered chocolate cake. She asked snottily if i was trying to make her fat. She later instructed her male co-hosts to not touch the durian puffs, just in case their breath stinks.

She was a wet blanket on stage.
2 of the 7 Princesses have their eye-lids cut, complete with a boob job done. Then again, maybe all of them did but these two were guaranteed with a stamp.
I still have a few more up my sleeve, but i'm kinda tired gossiping.

I am never really a gossip girl. ;p

But i guess being a celebrity disqualifies you from being spotted by Urban.

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