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Monday, December 13, 2010

Tales of a Cruise 1.1

That’s what I was afraid of whenever I think of a cruise. I’ve always wanted to try out the capsule hotel in Japan, never did get to it. Then again, I’m not sure if I will survive more than one night sleeping in a coffin. Speaking of sleeping in coffins, lying in a coffin and having death rites conducted over you is popular in Thailand. It symbolizes second chance and being reborn, getting rid of bad luck.

One would think that it’s eerie to be sleeping in a coffin, but there is actually a forum discussing how one should sleep in a coffin! There is a niche group of netizens (seem to be more Ang Mohs) who claims that it is actually very comfortable! I guess, the tight space makes you feel safe, like in your mother’s arms? I got to admit, when I was younger, me and my brother love getting under the covers and kick. Pretending we’re back in our mother’s womb.

Despite people saying size is not everything, I like things big wide.When I take a plane, I always ask for the front seats near the exit door so I can stretch my legs. I like going to Cathay’s cinemas because you don’t have to squeeze through and fumble getting to your seat. I have never taken Business Class with reclining sleepers.
Legend of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in Asia, deflowered my virgin cruise holiday. And I was pleasantly pampered with luxurious space!
A surprise animal awaits us everyday.

Two girls didn’t have to fight for sink space for toiletries and skincare.
 There’s a sofa to carelessly throw our shopping bags on.
No fighting over wardrobe space either!

We were so happy with the BIG room; we did some girl-on-girl shots! Ok, we were preparing to go to the swimming pool. SERIOUSLY!

My 2 favourite times of the day is dinner and sleeping.

You can eat THE WHOLE DAY. A buffet spread will always be in the WindJammers cafe, and there's the burger/sandwich/pizza bar by the pool.
But my favourite time is dinner because we'll always go to the Romeo & Juliet where we get excellent service and wine (chargeable) and dine. 3 course meals are served, but you do not need to stick to 3. I had to try everything, so it's usually 3 appetizers, 2 main courses and 4 deserts for me. Please do not waste food though.

 Snuggling under the duvet was heavenly. Temperature could be controlled within the room, and you could feel a slight humming under those lush sheets. No, I didn’t bring any girlie toy, but the engine of the ship. It was surprisingly comforting, a water bed!
Waking up to find we’ve docked at a new destination was exhilarating.

Rainbow spotted!

To be continued…

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