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Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Skin Bible


It’s been an uphill battle for me ever since those zits entered my life. I never really knew how to appease them! Just been through a emotional roller coaster, all that stress is making me break out!

A far cry from my teenage years, my current skin is clear but once a zit shows up at my door step, its friends will come to party too. When that happens, I can’t continue my regular regime because my regular regime is too oily for my skin! I dig from my mum’s pots, remember?

And it’s so difficult to get the potion right! Zit appears, zap it with pimple cream= skin becomes dry = skin produces more oil to counter=more oil, more pimples. It’s a vicious cycle.

So Bella Skincare introduced to me the Sebo Defense Emulsion. It is specially formulated to suit oily and problem skin. It keeps oily and problem skin under control while respecting the hydro lipidic balance by purifying and regulating facial secretions. That’s EXACTLY what I’m talking about; it can break the vicious cycle!

I have religiously applied a thin layer day and night for the past 2 weeks. I usually wake up with an oily face the next morning, thus before I didn’t dare put any night time skincare (afraid of an over-reaction). With the Sebo Defense Emulsion, it not only gives me the nutrients need for skin repair while I sleep, it also controls the oil production. No oily face greeting the person I wake up beside (IF I am sleeping with one)!

With a clean face, I slap the cream on as a base before anything else. It really does work! It controls the oil production of my face and the pimples have ceased partying (stopped appearing, but slowly becoming smaller). I have heard that using oil blotters are not good, because it dries out your skin= produces more oil to make up for the lack of.

Got to admit, I had to resist wiping the cream off my face with a tissue because I didn’t like the feeling of something “oily” on my face! Just had to control those itchy hands for 15 seconds though, because very soon the skin absorbs the emulsion quickly and my face had a matte texture. Nice!

Don’t expect miracles overnight though. Patience, diligence and manage expectations. I've been using this trial product for 3 weeks now, and i'm starting to dread when it runs out! It really controls the eruption of new blemishes and also abates existing ones.

Don’t forget to also keep these tips for clear skin; I present to you my Skin Bible!


Pepper said...

How do you get such beautiful photos?

Anonymous said...

Hey pepper,first u get free pro make up done at those makeup stores.then u get a friend whos into photography to help u!

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