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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Camera Ready, with a Brow that's Always There..


So, i was wrong about The Brow Job being chemical, it is actually made with 100% natural vegetable dye. So here, i am. Back again for a tune up. After all, having spent $1200 (UOB Ladies card holders get it now for $600 ONLY!) with the first job, would be a waste not to go for the tune up (FOC) which expires 6 months after your first job. Getting the tune up will ensure that the previous job stays defined, shaped and arch.

And because, it isn't exactly a cheap job, i'm here to share my experience so you'll know better :)
Being a creative myself, i am absolutely a FAN of concepts at Browhaus and its sister chain (Strip, Beauty Emporium). 

Different hair-do for your eyes = Browhaus. Geddit, geddit?
The outlet at Wheelock (level 5) reminds me of some medical outfield station. It's all rather kinky, next best thing when we don't live in Japan-land of themes. Strip is alot more fun to visit though. Browhaus still abit sparse with the deco lah.
So, they tell you a little bedtime story before you're put to sleep.

I was a bad student. I didn't pay attention because i was busy checking out the handsome manager, figuring out if he is married (cue: ring on finger). He said "wearing a ring, doesn't make you married." Cue "my eyebrows raised." 
 Then you lay down in a comfy reclining chair, a furry blanket over you.
 Provided with an MP3 player that plays spa-like tunes, you get your personal earphones to use.
 So, this is my face with make-up, but without brows drawn (must remember i already had one job done).
 Will you still love me if i looked like that?
They drew on to illustrate the shape we're gunning for. After agreeing and some tweaks, we're on the roll. I then drift off to sleep, the process was absolutely painless. You hear some sounds, but it's not as traumatising as wisdom tooth extraction.
 And i wake up to this!
 Completing the concept of being camera ready with brow resurrection, Browhaus packaged their aftercare products in this very creative camera packaging.
In it are 2 pots that repair and regenerate skin cells (after all, the process is by using a needle to cut the surface of your skin to seep the dye in), and also to moisturize and heal. It sounds like the process is very bad for your brows because of the aftercare products you need, but upon observation, i really don't see any scarring or peeling on mine. These are to be bought seperately though ($150).

 This is without make-up. 
And this is with make-up. The brows will start lightening over time, it's just the first week where it's darker than usual, i'm assured. 

Do you want to get camera ready?

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