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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunburnt Whales


Whales, whose skin you’d think is a lot thicker than mere humans is actually facing severe sunburn that may be caused by the damaged ozone layer’s decreased ability to block UV rays.

This is very bad news!

Fortunately, it’s against the law to be a nudist in public and sunglasses are in vogue.
And unless you live in the era of Aladdin where you wear veils  

Or haunt the living as a horror bride, I’d suggest you slap on sun-screen. 24/7. Many people think you don’t need sunscreen if you stay indoors. That’s not true. There are harmful rays from the lights in the building, the computer, and the TV too.

In the market, there’re SPF values as high as 50. I have, however heard or read somewhere that the skin can only absorb 25 and anything more doesn’t go in.

However, the Percentage of Protection from damaging UV rays is:

SPF 15 = 92%
SPF 30 = 97%
SPF 40 = 97.5%

I suppose whether the above is true or not, best is to use a sunscreen with a minimum of 30. Afterall, the difference in UV ray protection in SPF numbers becomes minimal as the number increases past about 30 or 40. The difference of protection between SPF 15 and SPF 30 is great (5%), but the difference between SPF 30 and SPF 40 is minimal (0.5%).

I do not use Coppertone or Banana Boat unless I am out at the beach or swimming. They are too oily for daily use. And I used to use this particular skincare brand that is although made of natural ingredients; it just doesn’t work as effectively in blending into the skin (my face remains flaky white).

So Bella Skincare introduced me to the Pore Minimizer Sun Defense SPF35 PA++. It is most ideal for combination skin and skins with tendency to oiliness.
Combination of Salicylic Acid and Polysaccharides ensure a healthy skin renewal; reduce pores from clogging resulting in refined pores and reduction in pimple outbreak (and its true! Been using for 3 weeks now).

It is very light and its oil free texture offers an amazing long wearing comfort and freshness (after 8 hours out, my face is not oily at all!), leaving my skin matte and natural looking.

At 25, it’s time to practice age defying strokes. Here’s how you massage skincare into your skin.
For the V-shape face, push lightly and gently upwards.
Don’t look like a bull dog with downward folds around the mouth. Lift and push upwards and round your mouth.
Ease the forehead folds by using 2 fingers and doing light circles around, start from the middle outwards.

Remember ladies, lift-and-push against gravity.

The good news is, win vouchers from Bella Skin Care’s facebook page by

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I will be choosing a winner for a Bella Skin Care’s package weekly. So long as you participate in any of the above ways, you’re in the draw. Trust me, you WILL want to win a Bella Skin Care’s package. I don’t want to calculate how much I’ve “invested” in my skin for the last 6 years.

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