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Monday, December 27, 2010

Review: Allure Beauty Salon

I’ll soon cover reviews of facials all over Singapore! Haha.

Today I shall share my review about Allure Beauty Saloon that is found in the East. Be sure that you take the mall’s lift in Tiong Bahru Plaza to reach the saloon because you can’t find it by escalators!

When I heard that Allure uses only Atache’s products, I was ecstatic. Atache, which hails from Spain (atas leh!) and it’s a blend made from research and investigation of active ingredients originating from European and American medicinal plants. I sampled Atache skincare after my trial at Glow Couture so I was quite happy to have them on my skin again.

Allure assessed my skin and deciding that I need help to lighten scar marks as well as bring out radiance for the holiday season, with an astounding nod, they prescribed C Vital.

You know how mothers tell you to take lots of Vitamin C? So C Vital is created to fight oxidation of skin. Our skin gets free radicals from pollution, light and even doing sports (which I do regularly).

So I settled in for the usual cleansing, scrub and extraction. I was happy to see my face not red and scar free after! I had to specifically tell the therapist, be gentle, be gentle. Not that she isn’t, I was just kiasu. It’s like going into the hair salon and telling them you want to trim only, but they take a huge chunk. I always thought “wassup with that!”

The awesome part comes with the face and shoulder massage. I cannot get enough of it! And something I’ve never experienced before at any other facials, the COLD BALL treatment. Slathered with serum, a cold ball is rolled all over your face to sooth and minimize pores.

I felt like Cleopatra.
Allure Beauty Salon
Tiong Bahru Plaza

302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-04A
Telephone: 6270 8845
Email :


Allure Beauty said...

Dear customers,
At Allure beauty saloon for the past 10 years,we constantly endeavor to provide you with best in class services at all times. To ensure that we continue to offer valued services to our customers, we will be relocating our existing branch from clementi (City Vibe) to our new premises at West Mall Complex (1 bukit batoh central link,#04-10 S658074,tel 68982242), which is a bigger shopping mall and a pleasant atmosphere along with the same exclusive customer privileges.
We look forward to being of continued service to you and I hope you will enjoy the benefits of our company at our branches location,
so please come and have a look at your nearest complex,thank you for your continued patronage.

management of Allure beauty Pte Ltd

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