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Monday, December 14, 2009

Wedding Potraits.

It's almost customary for every newly wed to have an album of their wedding photos. My ang-moh laughed and found it cheesy. You mean Ang Mohs don't do it too? Wedding pictures used to be confined within a studio. People took it for their personal collection. Now, people display them proudly at their wedding receptions.

The most narcissist one was receiving a wedding invite done with their wedding photo. I guess i was influenced by knowing beforehand that the bride is a narcissist woman. I suppose there's no fault in using the wedding photo as the invite because it is, after all your day.

This is my parent's wedding photo. Look at how times have changed. The fireplace is SO FAKE. And that cheesy mother and baby framed photo.

I finally had a taste of the boobie jelly i bought from Japan. It surprisingly tastes good. Very Lemony. After all, novelty gifts often taste awful. The nipple was a disappointment though. I thought it would be nata de coco (my favourite), but it was just a bland jelly.

It was slippery and because of my imaginative thought of a nipple, it slided around pleasantly.

When i get bored at wedding dinners, i entertain myself.

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