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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Resisting the Game.

Talking about the game that men play to pick women up...i have a few tactics of my own to keep men in reign. In a boy-girl relationship, it isn't about the rules. It's about self confidence, its about being flirty, it's about keeping friendships.

Case 1: Over the weekend, a gf quarelled with her bf over a foodcourt stranger. Her story was that he casually commented that this stranger has an angelic face. Being a naturally jealous girl, she snided with a remark, "Ok, go and know her then." Being a clueless bf who doesn't understand women, he got pissed and they got into an argument.

How-to have avoided the crash-and-burn:

Working on your own insecurities aside, i believe in friendships existing in relationships. What do gfs do when together? They oogle at men. What do guys do? They silently admire beauty together. If he chooses to let you into his thought that some other girl is hot. Take it in your stride and be objective.

If you are the jealous sort, here's what you can try. First, admire the beauty in front of you together. You can then comment, " Yeeeah, she's got good skin. But i don't think her features are that pretty." Then you point to another girl within that range whom you think is pretty and let him know she is YOUR choice.

By doing that, you successfully diverted his attention from someone whom you feel threatened by (because she is his choice) and you've probably impressed him that you can be like a friend, and compare notes with him.

Say you'll buy my book if i publish one. Hahahaha.

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