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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Performing Oral Sex increases your risk of Cancer.

Social gatherings are just....platforms to mingle and cam whore mindlessly. Orchard Scotts is such a convenient place to have parties! Next to The Sail. But i think living in Orchard Scotts is alot better. After all, it's a serviced apartment. And i saw a bar by the pool side! It's almost like a hotel i think. The Sail has door men though.

Lots of combination of cleavage baring, bare backs and mini skirts. The men aren't complaining, obviously.

How weird is it seeing an exact duplicate of yourself? Don't you find the girl on the left and on the right similar? They could either be 1) long lost family or 2) share the same contact of *cough*
Hahaha...i really don't know.

But, but...someone said the girl beside me (2nd from right) looks like me! Just the same face SHAPE lah.

There were mixed reactions from my friends. Some girls liked it, some girls not. Surprisingly, most men liked it. They said it was a refreshing change, and i looked rather LOLITA. Hahaa. When i told them my boyfriend hates it, no matter how i try to spice things up (illusion of dating 2 different girls), they then said..."Err...for a girlfriend, i would also want her to have long hair. Best is if it hovers above the waist for the length, and volume is thick enough to cover the boobs." HOW SPECIFIC MAN!!!

Girls, take heed. DO NOT THIN/ LAYER your hair for volume to cover your boobs, and do not leave it past the waist otherwise you just look like a female ghost.

VERY typical of men. They all come without food but alcohol. Otherwise, they bring the easiest food for the potluck. Chocolates or Chicken. Men are just a bunch of Cs. Cocks. Lol. 3 men brought the SAME roasted whole chicken from Cold Storage, 2 men brought chocolates and the rest either nothing, otherwise alcohol.

The home-made brownies were HEAVENLY though. I popped 5.
The ladies look awesome in white. Pick a bride.

For once, i see L in a different angle. We always joke how her face is ALWAYS the same without fail in EVERY picture. Actually, don't you think she resembles Fann Wong a little? Fann's face is alot thinner though.

The last time i wore red and white, my friend said i was a walking Singapore FLAG. This guy seriously, has some cool accessory. That belt around his waist, i initially thought he was role playing SM. Upon closer look, i realised its a very handy belt that can contain his camera in the left pouch, his wallet and mobile in the right and at the back are all these gold hooks that he can latch more on!

Very much like a tactic in The Game, peacocking (gaining attention) with an accessory.

It serves to have all these photographer wannabes present, so we end up with all these crystal clear shots.

They were all lining up for me!

As the angels toss out the presents out of pity! HAHAHAHA.

She's the sweetest angel.

Highlight of the night was that i met a Cancer Researcher from San Fransisco and he rebuted my claim about oral sex increasing your risk of throat/mouth/tongue cancer ( i swear i read it in some scientific report somewhere!). 

You can therefore induldge in as many popsicles as you want this Christmas.
UPDATE: Got a message from the cancer researcher, his exact words: "People who have had more than five oral-sex partners in their lifetime are 250% more likely to have throat cancer than those who do not have oral sex" because of the human pappilomavirus. So confirmed.

Happy New Year!

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