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Monday, December 7, 2009

Third World.

I am intrigued by the cultures around the world and what folklore holds them captive.

An acquaintance was sharing how this group of volunteers went to South Africa to conduct a workshop on how to use condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancy and aids. They demonstrated to the natives using a broomstick, like how students in Europe learn in class with a banana.

A year later, they did a review in that village and found the rate of birth and aids not declining. They then conducted visits to their homes, only to find at the corner of the house, a broom stick with a condom on.

We laughed...we thought it was a joke he was sharing over Friday night's drinks. Only to have him tell us seriously it's not a joke.

It's not that the natives had no IQ but South Africa is a country that is moulded with superstitions and witch craft. Which is probably why, they thought using a condom over a broom stick is a potent spell to prevent aids and pregnancy. Just like how they believe having sex with a virgin will cure aids. The younger the virgin is, the potent the cure is. 6 men raped a 9 month old baby. It is appalling.

That shocking news aside, there're many couples getting married. So believe it or not, a Mexican superstition is that
a honeymoon bed sheet should be blue. This will insure a good sexual relationship throughout the marriage, for blue represents masculinity and the husband's sexual urge.

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