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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Hairy Affair.

My mix-mix brought me to his hairdresser for a treatment that supposedly makes my hair more shiny. And look at this ultra cool pouch his friend has. It's a real cobra, hand-made. Complete with its head.

I was in awe, yet alittle disgusted. He custom make leather stuff with these exotic reptiles at a fee. Last i overheard, it's $350 (discounted) for a hand cuff. Though i never liked reptiles, i was wondering if it's animal cruelty. The maker said, "in third world countries, the locals do this to make money to survive." I guess he's right. In some ways, i feel disgusted how the consumer pays big bucks to the makers for the good, when the maker probably only gives a small token to the locals who risk the dangers of skinning the reptile.

Animals are meant to be for human consumption, fortunately or not, we are at the top of the food chain. Stone age people use fur to keep warm, eat meat to keep fit. However, my mix-mix reckons that we shouln't be eating/using animals who are close to extinction. Like whales and dolphins. I couldn't agree more!

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