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Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas Wish List

I am bursting with ideas that i cannot contain my excitement! December is the month for meet-ups and i am gutted i haven't got on any of those ideas yet!

Christmas shopping puts you in such a cheery mood, i was wondering why am i looking to buying presents for my family and friends when i don't even buy them birthday presents ( i consistently buy my parents birthday presents but not for my brothers. Guys are just alot harder to shop for when they have everything they need already)!

But attempting to shop in the city last weekend was hell. The jostling, the pushing, the side-stepping...i HATE CROWDS!! What can i say, i ended up with absolutely nothing.

My wish list, which technically won't be a wish because i would be getting them myself eventually:

2010 Wall Calender x 2. The doggie ones ALWAYS make me so tempted to purchase. But it's so expensive for a calender ($20) from the bookstores. I've decided to wait for 8 Days or FHM's Jan issue. They usually bundle calenders. Only problem is, FHM for office or home? Maybe i will just explain to my mum looking at the FHM girls everyday remind me not to eat junk food. That i'm sure she will approve!


Graphic novel by Neil. I love his books! Bought Emergency: How to Survive Anything over the weekend. Can't wait to soak up the juicy read. This is not available in Singapore, expectedly (pssst...has the word PORN in it). Dawye Johnson on Sunday shared with me an enlightening (not new to me) knowledge he figured out by visiting our bookstores. He said, he realised Singapore books stores is so different from the States. In America, you find books that discusses issues E.G. Sex: An insight into... In Singapore, How-To have better Sex. Singaporeans, he deduces likes instructional books, How-To be rich, How-to be successful, How-to DIY at home etc. Of course, i'm sure the States will have How-to books as well, but they also have a vast variety of others. In Singapore, already the demand for books is small and within this small statistics, the demand has to be on How-To books. Singaporeans as we all know, follow a code of rules, follow a code of instructions rather than be experimental and experiential. Is it really our environment (living in Singapore) that taught us this way? What about the Japanese then? They also follow law and order in their country. Are they similar to Singaporeans?

3) Lingerie
4) Bikinis
5) Head peices (decided to do on my own)
6) Ankle boots with feather($230 leh...but my feet melts in them. I've been contemplating 2 weeks already.) I think i might do it my own too!

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