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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Meats.

Warning: Please scoll to prettier pictures below if you can't stomach raw meat.

I went to the Body Show at Clarke Quay on Christmas day.

Final Warning: Please scroll down fast if you can't stomach raw meat.

These exhibits were real humans, in the preserved form. I touched them, they felt smooth but you know it's not plastic. Everything was kept in its form. From their eyelashes to their nails.
The specimens were from China. I suppose why not donate your body/organs for science after death. Your family could use the money anyway.

Did you know that testicals technically hang from above the penis? I didn't know that.

Very interesting. That thing in the middle? It's your belly button. I would never have known when stripped off all skin, that's how my belly button looks like. It's abit daunting to be seeing all these exhibits, i suggest you go without eating. Even without food swimming in your stomach, it is a controlled effort to hold your bile down.

Ivan had some difficulty digesting the sights. I was peering into the eye of one, i was afraid it will wink back.

This is a baby, showing his sinus. Do you know that we're technically blue-blooded? Our veins are red and blue. Our blood is blue, but turns red when it surfaces (oxidised). It's pretty amazing to look at the human body. You marvel at this creation. How everything in our body has a purpose, how reading words form images in our mind.

The rectum is just black and nasty inside.

Complete with some remaining strands of pubic hair.

When i first saw the raw muscles, they reminded me of meat. When i saw the preserved liver, it reminded me of herbal chicken. We went to a Japanese restaurant after for lunch, and look!

Aren't they both food?

Then a chauffered Maxi cab took us to Ivan's friend's private land.

She reared stingrays and sharks.

I was fearful crossing the bridge. Walking in heels was a challenge. I was afraid i will fall and become fish food.

Ok, they weren't sharks but they were monster fishes! If a fisherman spotted it from afar, he might mistaken it as a mermaid. When we threw in their food (dead fishes), the splashes they made will shock you. Each fish costs $1000 and can be bought online.

I love their outdoor patio.

Her father single handedly decorated the place.

My brother is such a cam whore. He poses exactly how you asks him whenever wherever. That's my good boy.

The private land also keeps.....


20 dogs of different breeds have their private air conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms.

It was almost like a Never Land for the kids. These girls picked me up! The little one next to my left led her pack to come up to me and say in Mandarin, " you're very pretty! Your long hair, and the way you dress up makes you very pretty!" I didn't quite know how to respond to that.

Christmas was just many gatherings that couples food, presents and friends. Spending time with people whom i haven't seen for awhile.

House pets join the cheer too.

Mad Hatter's party, i recyled that paper bag.

This woman makes the best food. I would travel ALL THE WAY to Pasir Ris just because her Shepard's Pie and Devil's Curry awaits. I can't decide which i prefer more!

I had 2 LARGE servings, was so tempted to go for the 3rd. It kinda made me think of Mix-Mix for abit, because i know he appreciates good food! I was glad i skipped breakfast for this. She asked me if guests would appreciate her recipes as party favours. I said, of course! Though she didn't have time to prepare them for this year's, i was once again reaffirmed that she's not selfish!

This generous woman even braved the crowds to get every single guest a present.

Christmas ended with a ride across the borders.

Me & my big jugs.

7 dishes of seafood, when we split the bill it was only SGD 25 each.

I was a happy happy girl.

Good thing i don't adhere to the 12 days of Christmas feasting.

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