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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Chiobu of Singapore

That's me, blurred out.

Awhile back, Priscilla asked me to participate in her project. The below are her words on her project
My vision of CHIOBU is the celebration of the Singaporean Girl. I went to Europe last year and realized many foreigners always mistook me as a Japanese or Chinese girl. When I told them I was from Singapore, some of them gave me a puzzled look and had no idea where Singapore was. True enough that it is difficult to distinguish a Singapore girl between a Japanese or Chinese girl, i thought it would be interesting to make an effort to shoot 15 Singapore girls in Singapore in my own interpretation visually.
Also, there are too many photos of Caucasian models from overseas in Singapore's media, and not enough focus on Singaporean girls. what would be interesting to explore is showcasing Singaporean girls through my artistic craft.
It then dawned upon me and i felt ashamed to say i am secretly elated whenever people say i look Japanese or Korean (although i verify before-surgery Korean or after-surgery Korean). I have always thought the Japanese and the after-surgery Korean is more 'superior' in the looks department. From Priscilla's project, that is not true.

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Happy walker said...

nice video sharing~ XD

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