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Monday, September 24, 2012

Adopt an Angry Bird Mooncake

If you haven't bought your mooncakes, you can consider the Angry Birds by Peony Jade Tze Chuan & Cantonese restaurant.
World's first Angry Bird mooncake

However, it is only pretty to look at but not good to eat. Sounds abit like some of the boys and girls out there, gorgeous but no substance.

I didn't expect much, usually cute plastacine looking food don't taste good but it would have been a bonus if it did. However, they are looking every bit the Angry Bird unlike the disfigured Hello Kitty out there.

Pretty detailed.
 Oddly, nowhere on the box has a description of its ingredients like most products do. All i guessed, its a snow skin mooncake because it 'melts' very quickly without refridgeration within an hour. So delicate that my fingerprints are all over it.
 If only this entire yellow bird is durian! As big as my fist.

I know mummy taught us not to play with food but they're too cool not to.
The inside was a powdery yellow paste, i'm guessing its tau sa (bean paste) but i wouldn't really know because there's no verification.                    

Verdict: It tastes awful, but oh so cute!

P.S i'm not sure the price as this was a gift.

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