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Friday, September 28, 2012

My Favourite Facial Parlour

Porcelain Face Spa have been taking care of my face this year. My unbiased preference (i swear) for a facial salon is really Porcelain. I have my own facial package with a much bigger and international beauty chain, one whom i've followed since i was 19. I was happy and pleased with them because i always walked out with minimal redness. I didn't find a problem, until i faced (pun intended) Porcelain.
 They start like any other facial, a cleanse, a wipe-down and removal of any make-up.
Then, instead of a scrub like they normally do at other facials, they roll on a sticky substance onto strips of paper and plaster it over your face. You know the blackhead strip that you can buy off the Watsons shelf? It's similar except it's not restricted to your nose.

White heads and black heads removed from the entire face!
 Then, comes very long and slightly uncomfortable process of extraction.
Tools to do the job, flower pot thrown in for photo styling purpose.

Using a needle, they pick out very gunk skillfully. Here is where Porcelain stands out from the others. I believe why i am able to walk out with minimal redness from other salons is because extraction was not deep and through enough.

What i don't experience elsewhere is also the red light therapy.  The red light therapy stimulates the collagen production. While i don't really know if its working, if its good, i'll take it!

I look like Boris from MIB, at least i don't have his skin!
The final touch is a mask, like other salons. 

I was hideous for 3 days after with red dots and marks all over as if i had chicken pox. So hideous i refuse to show you the full face.

However, once those have healed...smooth fair and without a bump underneath.

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