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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gearing up for F1

I didn't think Formula One was a big deal when it started in 2009 but international stars were making their way here for leisure despite not performing for the race.
International acts were also on ground at a very worthwhile price. Buy a ticket and enjoy all A star concerts?

Too good that one fanatic fan jumped up and hugged the performer like a koala.
This year, i'm feeling the heat more than ever. In its 3rd year, i know of a friend who is flying in from London JUST for the race. It sounds a little crazy to me to sit a 2 X 12 hour flight to spend 3 days.

Johnnie Walker who is launching a bigger and bolder Formula One (F1) party series this year has chosen Singapore as the first city in Asia to launch. I'm going and Zalora will be styling me, i can't wait!

The party, a by-invitation-only event have seen people buzzing about it. Its so coveted that even some celebrities don't have it. A friend told me he saw it selling on E-bay (like NDP) for $1000 and i replied "it doesn't even guarantee a lay!" It's a place to see and to be seen.
I'm giving 2 invites to Sunday's party, only 1 winner will be chosen. You'll need to come collect your invites from me in person on Saturday evening in City Hall.

To see past party experience, see here and here.
Invites resembling a Bible.
Expect great DJ line-up, free flow of Johnnie Walker and many interactive stations with photo opportunities.

Leave a comment with your email and Keep Walking.



Unknown said...

Invite me please! I promise to Keep Walking no matter how much Johnnie Walker I consume! :D

Anonymous said...

Hahaha i like ur comment :) let me know ur email so i'll pick and inform by Fri morn


Unknown said...

:) Look forward to seeing you again

Anonymous said...

I wish to see for myself what the hype is about

Anonymous said...

Circuit Lounge is the must go party of the year. I will KEEP WALKING towards this party!


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