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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hello Panda

I asked a friend what's his 3 favourite animals and 1 of them was a bear. He thought its fanscinating how the bear (teddies) is universally loved by everyone, made into the eptimone of a cuddly toy despite being one of the most fearful animal to meet in the wild.

Since Kai Kai and Jia Jia arrived on our shores, there's been much hype about them that i even see banners on lamp posts by the Tourism Board. I didn't even see banners on lamp posts welcoming Prince William and Kate.
I walked past a pre-school classroom and saw these!

It's a pity that the pandas on loan from the Chengdu government are adults though. Baby pandas are the cutest!
I suppose Chengdu didn't want to give away a cute panda and only to get it back 10 years later, no more cute.

Here're the most viewed panda videos on Youtube.

16.1 million

4.9 million

2.4 million

However, if you plan to visit the Singapore zoo to catch sight of these adorable harmless fur balls, here's how you can become a Youtube sensation.

Just don't wear an expensive jacket, oh and if you're a girl? Remember to wear a nice bra underneath.

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