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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

He Sells Fish

To watch the videos, it's at

This will probably spark off a war of controversy, flame attacks and debates. There has always been an ongoing discussion about Singaporean women being too demanding, Singaporean men being too weak. Enough already! There will be an Eve for every Adam eventually. Even the ugliest people on the streets.

Many men have lament to me that their women are dead fishes in bed. These are usually women who don’t like the sun or break a sweat, thus are always lying on their backs (I am a great poet). I personally think you can’t generalize Singaporean women when it comes to sexuality.

Yes, you have those and then you have others. Like (written by Alvinology):

Singaporean girls are getting more comfortable with exposing their bodies these days – whether intentional (like in the case of Daphne; micro-bikini teacher/model Gwen Teng; public exhibitionist Sun Tan) or unintentional (think Tammy from NYP and FHM Girl Next Door winner, Adeline Teo).

Heck, even the guys are getting into it (Click HERE and HERE).
Happen to blog something similiar recently.

From what I’ve seen and heard, I feel that

1) Singaporean women are still bashful with talking about sex. This includes married women. My best girlfriend asked me to “teach her some tricks” before marriage, knowing that I am WELL-READ. I did and as a true blue KPO therapist, I followed up after her wedding night. Her short review : Sex is overrated. When I probe to ask her more, because I believe in a healthy sex life after marriage, she kept mum and refused to talk about it. Her reluctance to opening up and finding out I believe will be a hindrance to a healthy sex life within marriage.

2) Singaporean women ARE on par with the men in cheating and sleeping around. On the other end, I know of a friend’s friend who had sex with 5 different men at ZoukOut. Yes, on the beach.

3) To the men who complain about Singaporean women being dead fishes in bed, have you thought that perhaps YOU, the Singaporean man just DON’T GET IT?

It's not Wham Bam Thank You Mam.

Like gears, a woman needs to be oiled before activity. First you assure her emotional fears (read previous post here).

Secondly, the ambience and environment plays a part.

Here’s a checklist:

1) Candles

2) Essential oils (optional. Lavender oil is naturally relaxing and it helps you sleep literally.)

3) Music (For love making: slow, smooth, lounge. Love songs or you can have naughty blatant like Shoop Dog’s Wet.

For rough passionate sex: get this

Or this

Do respect the lady though. Remember class, not crass.


A woman like gears, need to be well oiled before activity. Take it literally, give her a massage with oils.

Don’t sell fish (selfish, if you haven’t already got it).
Footnote: Giving away your virginity takes one night, getting back your virginity, there's no turning back.

Here’s to loving women and jumpin’ fishes!
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