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Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Songs of my Time

The love letters a boy used to give me daily without fail (including weekends) for the whole year of Secondary 3 often comes with his scent. Christain Dior Farenheit. 10 years later, if a stranger walks pass me and i catch a whiff of that same perfume, i would turn and think it's him.

I have never been serenaded (not many of my brother's kind exists) but i have many who wrote song lyrics to me. Frankly, it doesn't move me. I ain't feeling maaaaaan. It would have been much more effective if you wrote heartfelt words instead. However, this Valentine's, let me share the love songs that happened during "our time" which creates an association whenever they pass through the air waves.

Aerosmith -Crazy
My first crush in Secondary school wrote me this song. I did not know any other Aerosmith's song other than Don't Wnnt to Miss a Thing from Armagaddon. Naturally, when i heard this song, the tune just didn't appeal to me. Yet i must say it is the most flattering one a boy can dedicate to me. I drive him crazy. Wait, that's a compliment right? It doesn't mean i'm psycho, does it?

Trademark- Only Love
And this was from the perfumed boy. I cringe initially seeing the word LOVE in it. We're only 15! What do we know about love and sacrifice? Paying more attention to the lyrics (roll my eyes), he was trying to tell me it's painful, he won't give up and he is praying for my change of heart. Awwwww.....

At that time, all i thought was "hey, this is your favourite song? ok, i will do something nice back to you for all the nice things you did for me." SO I LEARNT TO PLAY THIS ON THE PIANO. Wrong move, that made him fall in love DEEPER with me.

Shakira- Underneath Your Clothes
Then came my first boyfriend at 19. It was his favourite song, which i then adopted it as mine. It was a turbulent first relationship, but like the song, he was the man i chose and i stuck by my choice for 3 years. I was waiting for all the things that i deserve for being such a good girl. They never came.

David Cook- Always Be My Baby
Ironically, i dissed the first two high school crushes who wrote me song lyrics yet when we broke up,  i wished he would write me the lyrics of this song. I'm glad he didn't, otherwise my heart would just melt and return to a less-than-ideal lover. It has remained as one of my favourite songs, however.

The youtube link has a very nice and meaningful opening scene from The Notebook before it leads into the song. However, if you want to play the embedded one below instead, no harm.

Jason Maraz- Lucky
I learnt from my first relationship is to be in a relationship where he's your best friend. He who accepts you for who you are, he who loves you no matter how you look, he who supports you in whatever you do.

This song describes it all.

The Proposal Song
Bruno Mars- Marry You
It's a close call between Just The Way You Are also by Bruno Mars and this. Nonetheless, it's a fun and cheery MTV to share!

The Break Up Song
This is such an old song that i almost forgot such a beautiful song exists. I threw this in just because i heard a touching break-up story from a friend. His girlfriend sang it to him when they broke up. I asked "Did she sing out of tune?"

The below MTV is from Glee, where the singer's character is homosexual. He was very sad when his father passed away and he felt ashamed of his sexuality.

Animal- Neon Trees
And this is my favourite song at the moment, it reminds me of the short lived romances, the lost opportunities.

Take a bite of your loved one's heart tonight! Life's too short to think twice!

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