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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Ignite a Woman's Lust.

To all the men who say Singaporean women are dead fishes in bed (lie there, act porcelain), it’s not them, it’s YOU.

I don’t want to start a gender war here and the men can be quite right because there are lazy girls as well as lazy boys but women DO have fantasies. They aren’t as cold as you think they are. They can be as lustful and as hungry as you are. Problem is, do you know how to ignite her passion?

One stormy night, I got bored waiting for my friend. So I called QT, knowing her absolute fantasy with Donnie Yen and in the hype about Ip Man, I asked if she wanted to learn Wing Chun with me.

“We might find someone there who looks and fights like Donnie Yen!” I tried persuading her.

As a token of my appreciation over her friendship, I dedicate the below video to her. Bound to make her WET.

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Men categorise women according to race when it comes to kiss-and-tell. Without any prejudices, men find Chinese girls boring in bed because they are too uptight and too conscious about hygiene, how they look and everything else. (Eee-er…I don’t want to s***. Eee-er…don’t touch me. Eee-er, outdoor is so dirty.) The Thais and Koreans are really gentle and pampering. The Caucasians, surprisingly are not as sexual as we see on TV. Malay girls are the best. The gung-ho ones, the ones who would do anything and everything to please a man, they are enthusiastic, over-the-top ones.

Then, men categorise women according to character type too. They gauge a woman’s personality in predicting how she is like in bed. If she is sporty, sporting with a sense of humour, most likely you will have a satisfying time in bed and out of bed. If she is like a porcelain doll, you will most likely have a trophy girlfriend who is nice to look at, but not nice to touch.

Lastly, there’s a difference between being a nympho-maniac and being kinky. A nympho is someone who simply wants it, but she doesn’t really care about her partner’s pleasures. It’s all about her (selfish biatch). Kinky is someone of the opposite, willing to explore unchartered pleasures WITH her partner.

I first got a glimpse of how Singaporean women CANNOT be the dead fishes that men claim at the Chippendales performance. Sinful schoolboy charm, naughty fantasy colliding with the boy next door. This is the winning combination that Chippendales possess. They are coming to Singapore again in Feb, tickets start from $98 (ouch) but I suggest if you are going, either buy front row ($228) or don’t bother AT ALL.

Now, it isn’t about their body. REALLY. Jet Li is not handsome like Wang Lee Hom, but still we fantasize about him. Jam Tsiao has a figure of a girl, but girls also fantasize about him.

Women are from Venus, men are from Mars. We are wired differently, men physically, women emotionally. It’s an age old understanding. Sure, in modern context, increasingly more and more women are sexually free and aggressive but every man wants to marry a good traditional girl on the outside but a freak behind closed doors right? So here’s how to draw that out from within her. Ignite her passion, her lust, her hunger FOR YOU.

1) Connect with Us Emotionally
To the men: Ask us how our day is and be sincerely interested about it.
To the women: Although he asks about your day, it’s a fine line when you start complaining ALL THE TIME.

2) Trust
A woman needs help in clearing her head. Women tend to manifest on doubts and insecurities. If she feels you have secrets, or that there is something she is uncertain about you, she won’t be able to let go. and when she doesn’t let go, she can’t orgasm.

3) Acts of Service
Traditionally, women serve men. However, when a man serves a woman (like peeling the prawns), she feels loved and her guard will go down.

4) Gifts
This is a sensitive issue. Too often, men lament that Singaporean women are materialistic. Well, I do agree that women here do have it too good and girls can easily take it for granted.

It’s innate that women tend to “marry up”. Like an animal looking to mate, she will look for a male that is healthy, and often the leader of the pack. Women subconsciously go for good genes of a man, just like how men subconsciously are drawn to the sight of a nice ass (a.k.a child bearing potential). Women naturally look for a provider and protecter.

In these days, men have “wisen” up and became a little stingier, a little less gentlemanly. They have “wisen” up to the fact that paying for the date doesn’t necessary mean getting her bed (it is also innate in men to sow their seeds).

When a man spends on a woman, the woman feels valued. It is because she knows how important money is to a man, that if he is willing to spend on her, she knows that she is more important than the one thing most important to you.

4) Sacrifice
Why do girls get wet with movies like Ip Man, Troy and Gladiators? It isn’t because of the actors’ physique. It is because of the sacrificial traits these men portray in the movies. Love, is sacrificial. When you push that last bit of meat over, when you take off your jacket for her, when you put her first before you. It comes back to you, trust me. When you give, you receive two-fold. Then again, you need to meet the right woman, there ARE bitches out there, I don’t deny. Every woman moisten when they heard this in the cinema by Donnie Yen in Ip Man, “我不是怕老婆,是尊重老婆。

Be the Alpha Male according to a woman’s dictionary. 


RaGe FuRy said...

The line was " 没有怕老婆的男人,只有尊敬老婆的男人。"

girl said...

its so true.

bigboy said...

yes so true, thats how i make my girl wet

Carlton Soo said...

Thanks for writing this post!! You've got TONS of skill and flair!! Every man should read this!! :D

Anonymous said...

Haha carlton u r reading how to ignite lust at two am. hehe thanks for leaving a comment!!

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