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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Phyto Experience

Here’s how I portion out my finances monthly. Half of it goes to savings (for rainy days and travel) and the rest is split up for other necessities. Shopping and beauty treatments are necessities. Like how men splurge on his car, women splurge on her body. Monthly maintenance on a woman’s image can be expensive, but mandatory.

Not everyone does it but I started caring for my body at 15. Looking good = feeling good = attracting opportunities in career, love and life.

However, if you’re a student or making ends meet; try home remedies to get the same effects. As a student, the only beauty treatments I get monthly without fail are facials. I do my own hair spa at home; get manicures and pedicures as a treat for special occasions.

Now that I am a working professional, my monthly beauty fixes are facials, manicures and a trip to the wax salon. A hair spa and a massage are indulgences I would like to treat myself to every 2 months. My hair is often neglected and it’s only recently that I start treating my hair with more TLC (tender loving care).

Better late than never, good thing I got the TLC started.
The Phyto experience was orgasmic. Facials are never enjoyable because of the painful extraction, waxing just leaves you squeaky clean and smooth, manicures make your nails look pretty for 2 weeks (only). All other beauty treatments are just part of the routine in making you look good, but getting a good hair spa not only makes me look good, but the entire process was mind-blowing (as I get my hair blowed). 
After neglecting my hair and not knowing how to treat it right for so long, I met the consultant who set me right from wrong. She analyzed my scalp and dispensed the right treatment for it. There may be Yun Nam and all other haircare centers about, but I’d dare say if you’re paying big bucks for treatments there, you’re better off taking your dough to splurge at Phyto because not only do they treat you for hair loss, dandruff, oil and sensitive scalps, they do it the pampering way! I had a trial session at Yun Nam before and it is incomparable.
The Phyto experience is getting your own relaxation corner where you change into bathrobes (optional) and slip into slippers (optional), sink into an Osim massage chair, sip hot lemon honey (other choices available) and watch the latest movies.
My consultant deduced that I have an oily scalp, coupled with hormonal changes and stress, I get flakes (dandruff, yikes!). When the scalp is unhealthy (oil=clogged pores), over time it can create hair loss. She isn’t trying to scare me, but I do get flakes occasionally and my long and heavy hair do fall when I comb through (this is normal though however if you drop more than 50 strands a day, you ought to start panicking).
Thus she dispensed for me the Oily Dandruff Detox Treatment. My therapist set to work cleansing my scalp first with Phyto’s botanical extracts to prep the hair follicles.
An anti dandruff ampoule is then used and massaged (not a patronizing 5 minute, but a full 15 minutes at least) my head to stimulate better absorption and promote hair growth (ahhh….bliss).
Then, it’s the Oxygen Therapy – A 20-minute process that involves the opening of hair pores through the oxygen therapy, that aids in better penetration, detoxification and ensuring healthy scalp for healthier hair growth.

Prior to washing the scalp and hair, an aromatherapy oil massage will be done to the scalp, providing hair and scalp with the essential oils that will penetrate deep to work on prevention of dandruff and encourage growth. (Not complaining of the multiple massages in a day!)

After the cleansing and rinsing of hair and scalp, an anti dandruff ampoule will be massaged into hair, sealing scalp with the protective guard that aids in prevention of dandruff in both men and women.

Finally, the Infra-Red Treatment that uses low intensity light and heat to jumpstart sluggish follicles and even resurrect dead hair bulbs. It reduces hair loss, accelerate hair growth and even stimulate hair growth on hair bulbs that have been dormant. A mere 15 minutes under direct Infra-Red Light can yield instant significant results.
The entire process took about 2 hours and it kills two birds with one stone. Caring for your scalp AND scoring a 20 minute shoulder and hand massage. Two orgasms in a row! Can’t get any better than that!

The Phyto experience doesn’t just end at treating your scalp. It makes sure you step out feeling and looking like a million dollars. You can request to have it thronged or straightened, perfect for a hot date, company dinners or girl’s night out! I stopped counting all many birds I get to kill with one stone just by stepping into Phyto already.
Like Barbie with beautiful soft curls, I prance towards my hot date with Rob Schneider.
Thank you Phyto for giving me some TLC when I need it most! $208 worth spending.
501 Orchard Road Wheelock Place #05-08A Singapore 238880
Tel: 6220 6948 l
Ngee Ann City Tower A, 391A Orchard Road, #05 - 26 Singapore 238873
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