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Monday, February 7, 2011

Shoot without Thinking

With portals like Model Mayhem and the likes, everyone wants to be a supermodel. Almost everybody on our sunny shore is a student/model or model/ part-time student. Some girls pay for their portfolios to be shot (read hoaxes), some girls would pay to attend modeling schools, all with the hope and dream of becoming the next top model.

I once questioned if the business minds behind modeling schools were ethical (what if the girl's face is chui one, how can you be at ease raking exorbitant school fees knowing she will never make it as a supermodel?). My query was deftly debated that a teacher teaches regardless if the student has any potential or not. Every student goes to a school, hoping to succeed but isn't guaranteed. That's what education is, and nobody should be deprived of it.

Everybody can be a model. Don't let anyone tell you what you should, or shouldn't be.

However, in your quest to becoming a supermodel, do practice caution and do not be greedy.

Just as there are many supermodel wannabes, there are also just as many photographer wannabes. 

"Photographers" have sent private messages to me via social media accounts, asking to do private shoots of bikini, lingerie, implied nude and nude. I am not here to judge forums like Club Snap, the quality of pictures, the wannabe(s) skills nor looks, because everyone has dreams and anyone can be what they want if they set their mind to it.

I am here to share my experience.

It was a personal principle and rule that i do not shoot with strangers, and definitely none of the lingerie, implied nude and nude concepts (unless for commercial legit advertisements). I believe that my naked body is sacred and only to be seen and enjoyed by a legit lover.

Greed got the better of me.

For the love of money, I broke my rule of shooting with a stranger not once, but twice. 

I laid my ground rules before accepting this request.
1) It was to be outdoors
2) I will not be posing lingerie, bikini, implied nude or nude

I commanded an above average hourly rate because of my experience, and the photographer relented. However, he politely asked if i could wear something a little sexier but keeping my modesty. I compromised and told him i would only do a sports attire. We found an agreement.

On hindsight, was his rationale that i have to show skin just because i commanded an above average hourly rate? I almost chickened out nearing the date. I have never done something like this, i was worried about consequences. Yet, i proceeded with caution because

1) I was greedy (money is the root of all evil)
2) I have no boyfriend to account to (shouldn't be a reason at all because you should love yourself first)
3) It's outdoor, i am protected (not entirely true, this is naive thinking)
4) I wanted to honour my agreement (that's how i roll, you can count on me)

To give the photographer credit, he turned out to be a decent married man who simply wants to hone his skills. He didn't touch me once and he was respectful. 

However, having shot with professionals commercially that produced this:
Photographed by Dominic Khoo,
and trusted friends for my portfolio pictures that you see on this website, i felt it was beneath myself to shoot with amateur photographers. Pardon my haughtiness, i just do not want unprofessional pictures of myself floating in the cyberspace. It's one thing to be caught on camera being yourself without make-up, but it's another thing to be caught on camera in pictures that gives potential suitors, employers, friends the wrong idea. Your name and reputation is the one thing you can be in control of. When you do a commercial shoot, there are terms and conditions to the model release. You are informed for how long the pictures would be used and on what mediums.

To the girls who've shot lingerie, bikini, implied nude or nude with strangers, is there a contract on the usage of pictures? Can you trust these photographers? How will you know they aren't circulating, how will you know they aren't keeping folders titled with different girls on their desktop?

That outdoor shoot passed harmlessly, i consoled myself that my fears were unfounded. However, i still didn't feel comfortable and i vowed to myself that shall be the first and the last.

6 months later, greed got the better hold of me a SECOND TIME! I reject any requests from strangers that come my way for bikinis, lingerie, implied nude and nude. However, this photographer managed to persuade me into donning a bikini. I did screen his portfolio and i did admire his black and white risque shots. The money was double that of the first, so i relented.

Again nearing the date, i panicked and alarm bells start sounding. I asked a male friend to be my chaperone, and again to give the photographer some credit, he was respectful.

The pictures this time round came out better than the first experience, but again i felt shameful having shot in bikini with a stranger (not for commercial reasons). It was as if i sold my soul, as if i had a one night stand.

Such projects are lucrative to the pretty girls, to the wannabes. I was offered $300 an hour to mingle with guests at a private S&M party, offered $400 to be shot on a private yacht. I turned them down because after those two experiences (though harmless), i am wiser. 

Pre-Fame Porn Stars


"I had to do anything I could to make a living 31 years ago, but I don't think it's a big deal, even Marlon Brando used to be exposed in his movies," said Chan after it was revealed he starred in a Hong Kong skin flick called All in the Family. Featuring Chan getting it on with a famous porn actress of the time, the cast also included Sammo Hung (from Walker, Texas Ranger and co-star of the short lived spin-off Martial Law with Arsenio Hall). CAN YOU IMAGINE SUMMO HUNG working his groin-groove? Then again, for a big guy like that, he sure has some commendable moves in IP Man 2.

At the tender age of 19 (two years before her breakout role alongside rubber-faced man-fart Jim Carrey in The Mask), Cammie shot some softcore S&M footage with another lucky girl, ostensibly to get some tasteful nude glossies "for her portfolio." (Apparently it was filmed just in case the photos didn't develop properly.)
A few years later, the super-classy photographer attempted to sell the film to a Russian pornography operation after offering Diaz "rights of first refusal" (i.e., tried to blackmail her to prevent their release). Diaz, who has not appeared nude in an American film to date, took him to criminal court, won, and blocked the footage from ever being shown.
Naturally they showed up online soon after anyway. Because the Internet is as shameless as it is awesome.

Before he turned into a half-melted novelty candle, Stallone received the kingly sum of $200 to star in the 1970s classic The Party at Kitty and Stud's, wherein he managed to snag the plum titular role of "Stud." Originally released as hardcore pornography, after Stallone became famous the more graphic scenes and money shots were cut from subsequent releases, and the movie was re-packaged under the names of Italian Stallion and Cocky and sold in those shitty $1.99 DVD bins at Walgreens.
Should you manage to be lucky enough to find a copy, you'll learn there's no false advertising in the title, as "Stud" belt-whips "Kitty" and services three of her friends at, sure enough, "a party."

There are plenty of unsubstantiated rumors floating around that Arnie went gay for pay in some early films, but he can't deny posing nude for controversial photographer and alleged "boy-loving pervert" Robert Mapplethorpe in the mid-'70s. (He also posed butt-ass-nekkid for gay magazine After Dark.)
Lest you think this wildly out of character for a loudly conservative, Catholic politician, in an interview with Oui Magazine around the same time, he showed the type of sensitivity that would eventually stand him so well with the Republican party. "Men shouldn't feel like fags just because they want to have nice-looking bodies. Gay people are fighting the same kind of stereotyping that bodybuilders are: People have certain misconceptions about them just as they do about us. Well, I have absolutely no hang-ups about the fag."
Honorable AMUSING Mention:

Princess Leia in the tantalizing bikini bending over for Boba Fett is something many nerds probably fantasized about. This footage does exist, of course, but it's locked securely in the LucasFilm vaults and available only for private viewings.
But for those us without access to Lucas' ranch, yes, Carrie Fisher technically appeared in a porno widely available to anyone with money. Sorta. An associate producer of the original Star Wars movie decided to make himself a hella dirty movie and invited a few Hollywood types over to watch.

In addition to Fisher, Timothy Hutton, Richard Dreyfuss, Matt Stone and Trey Parker sat on the sidelines during the making of the XXX-rated film Profiles #8. For those of you currently scrounging around desperately for your credit card and eBay password, be advised that none of the big names actually participated in the humpfest-but if watching a bored Princess Leia make small talk with Timothy Hutton while an anonymous couple fucks in front of them gives you some some small measure of joy in your life, be sure to check it out.

It might not be porn you're shooting, but those pictures you're taking without thinking twice? You never know when your past will haunt you.


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