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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Man and Beasts

You know how they say over time, the owners start resembling their pets? Well, these are not exactly their pets, but it's just a joke on their resemblance!

Falcor is not a real animal but a character from Neverending Story. The script writers probably was a fan of Victoria at that time!
I've seen pets who live better than humans. Cats who sleep in aircon rooms, dogs who eat boneless top grade beef. Boyfriends complain the mutt gets better treatment, people scoff saying "it's just an animal!"
I spent a large part of my allowance on hamster treats when i had them. Potato chips, chocolate, fancy toys. A hamster actually eats ANYTHING. Still, i bought it expensive treats. I PRAYED to God when they went missing. It sounded like such a trivial thing to be praying for, when i should be praying for world peace. But He who sees that the rodents return to me, listens to prayers all big and small.
Even my father who was adament over having the rabbit at first (because he knew my brother would grow tired of caring) was soon very fond of it. In fact, he's the one who lets it out for its nightly hop.

The hamsters are incapable of a relationship with humans. Their world consists of  only 5 things. Eat, Sleep, Mate, Running On the Hamster Wheel & ESCAPE. That's already much more exciting than a goldfish's life.

My rabbit, however, is capable of coming to you when you call her name. Gets up & sticks her nose out when you leave or return home. She asks for rubs, she needs love. However, these antics only start happening after she's been around for a year. I guess we grew on her, a relationship formed.

What makes humans different from animals? Is it because we've morals and we have compassion?

Watch this....a man was knocked down by a hit-and-run vehicle at 0:20. The lady who saw first just stood there and gawked. Many others walked past nonchalently. It took 30 seconds for a crowd to form, before ANYONE went onto the road to do SOMETHING.

Then, watch this.....a dog saw a fellow dog ( i assume they're not friends) being knocked down on the highway. Not caring about it's own safety, it cautiously tugged and pulled the injured puppy out of the danger zone.

Once in Geylang, i was having beef kway tiao when a Chinese granny started shouting "snatch thief, snatch thief!" Someone zoomed past me, it was the snatch thief. My fellow eating companions, 2 married Chinese men was nonchalent and continued eating. One even mentioned with his mouth full, "This happens quite frequently here."

Then my brother came home and said a motorcycle collided into a bus. A certain group pointed fingers and discussed LOUDLY about who was in the wrong. Another stood and watched. But a minority group went forward to help.

Humans have a bigger brain, but we're more self-centered, and we're arrogant. We can also be perverted, inciting warfare. We’ve evolved a brain that allows us to do some of the horrendous things that we do, but also some of the wonderful things that we do.

I forgot what the relevance was when i started with owners looking like pets.

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RaGe FuRy said...

no lar... the singaporeans all very kapo one.. there were at least 5 or 6 people calling for ambulance at the same time.. only the indians went up to help the fella.. the chinese stand around and call ambulance then discuss and kapo around.. the malays... were still in the bus.. lol

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