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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Eggy Fun

The teppanyaki Korean restaurant at United Square serves RAW quail eggs with soba. I don't know what the deal was, i didn't dare try.
Ang Moh never heard of Teppanyaki. How blessed are we born in Asia!
My mum has got good rapport with the carrot cake auntie at the market. She collected these egg shells for me without us eating eggs and farting alot.

Speaking of carrot cake, my other ang moh friend came to Singapore and wanting to be a big boy, he went around the food court to order some food. He wanted desert and he saw carrot cake. He pointed and asked the uncle if it was desert.

Uncle said yes. HOW CAN YOU UNCLE!! It's NOT desert! It's breakfast to us Singaporeans. My friend asked if it's sweet. The Uncle said "Oh, you want it VERY SWEET?"

SO that's what he made. LOTS OF BLACK SAUCE. It tasted awful to my friend, heavenly to me.
Here's something you can make next Easter. Makes an awesome gift to give out, and everyone thinks you're SUCH A GENIUS! (gasp, how do you do it? It's so nice! where you get so many eggs?)
Dissolve the agar agar powder into 1 litre of water. Bring it to boil, keep stirring in between to avoid it from forming into jelly too soon.

If you're adding alcohol in it, do remember to put LOTS OF SUGAR to even out. Otherwise it'll taste awful! Peach vodka is superb, heavenly peach smell.
Put in the aloe vera, then carefully pour in the agar agar mixture in.
Green slime! Looks more like for Halloween.
& the party begins!
Everyone was typically dressed as a bunny *yawn* 
I came as the egg bearer.

If only their tails can twitch. Would be cute.
So this is how a toddler's view will be like.

He steals my eggs.
My bird gets him back.

Anthony looks like the guy from MonoPoly!

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