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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Brow Job

The technology of improving one’s looks is amazing, yet scary at the same time. You have boob jabs that increase one cup size (or more) within an hour (perfect for lunch time quick fix!), you have body sculpting that give already-slim people those defined abs. The ugly becomes better-looking (if not gorgeous), the beautiful become even more beautiful.
Beauty fixes are now no longer exclusive only to the rich. If you don’t have the dough to splurge on surgeries, there’re plenty of “substitutes”. Like fake eyelashes & padded bras.
I must say I love the witty marketing/ advertising of Browhaus/ Strip. Their concept stores are always eye-candy, so are their publicity materials. From experience, their services do match up too, it wasn’t false advertising.

Their latest campaign “Face Booked” demonstrates their latest/new services. I think such techniques already existed since our mother’s era. It’s just that the technology now is better, more natural & semi-permanent instead of permanent.
I overheard the therapists chatting about some clients coming in to remove previous “tattoos”. Imagine zapping your eye line or lips in the removal process.
Personally, I don’t think having permanent lower eye line or upper eye line drawn is natural. I won’t do it.
Same with the lips. I’d rather use different lipsticks for different moods.

Getting fake eyelashes permanently stuck is all the rage now. Sitting next to me in the beauty parlour was a GUY having falsies put on. It wasn’t dramatic, and I wouldn’t immediately say he’s gay. Perhaps metrosexual, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Well, even if he’s gay, there’s isn’t anything wrong either.
See, it’s not fair! Ang Mohs are already naturally blessed with big eyes and lush lashes, but they must become EVEN MORE beautiful! I’ve contemplated trying them out for the same reason, but I’ve put it off for various disadvantages.

a) It’s VERY high maintenance. You have to wash your face gingerly, avoiding your eyes.
b) You can’t swim, you can’t sweat, you can’t steam (I can’t do without sports!)
c) Removing it is at extra cost
d) It might cause your own lashes to fall. (This is the Ultimate; my lashes are longer than the average Jane so technically I don’t need it. I don’t want to risk it.)
e) I’m afraid that once I start, I can’t stop. Because everyone is so used to seeing you with full lashes, doll eyes that without them, you feel naked, you feel insecure. I DON’T WANT FALSIES TO RULE MY LIFE.

Besides, I really think that falsies will damage the delicate skin around your eye with the use of glue. I use them sparingly and on special occasions.

I permed my eye lashes before though. I’ll never do it again and I shouldn’t have done it. It didn’t damage my lashes per say (other than the first time at Bio Skin where it came out looking like cockroach feelers), but the chemicals were so strong that I could smell it for days after. Plus, the necessary (or so they say at Browhaus) after-care products you have to purchase to nourish your lashes back after such damage done is very expensive! They add up to about $150 and I didn’t really think it made any difference. Can lashes be moisturized actually? I should really think twice the next time any salon sells me any product. Cheaper alternatives can usually be found outside. Then again, Browhaus have their own formulas & I love the witty packaging but still…

Anyway, I won’t do that again because a) it didn’t enhance your looks greatly b) it’s just like rebonding your hair = damaging.

I’ve been trained by my parents to be natural, eat natural, use natural. With all these new technologies I’m itching to experiment with, it’s very hard to stick to that rule.

I flouted it once again with brow resurrection.

I was waiting for a friend getting her brows plucked at Browhaus & these huge ass posters keep staring at me. Serves eye candy while waiting.
You’d think he’s already pretty good looking before but after getting his brows done, he looked fresh & clean? Although before, he probably have a rougher look. He turned from manly to metro sexual. I’m not quite sure before or after is better.
But Pepper needs this. She probably draws her eyebrows all the time because it stops short. Such is the type where once she gets out of the shower or pool, her eyebrows disappear.
Holly really did it for me. I found myself similar to her. She didn’t really need it, her eyebrows were there. But still, she did it. SHE SOLD BROW RESURRECTION TO ME. Or rather, her picture did. She didn’t even have to talk.
 My brows have always been there, i am blessed with the natural arc. Perhaps in the last picture, abit overplucked (not by me, but some Hollywood Secrets therapist).
I never trim/ pluck my eyebrows because i don't know how to do it. Neither do i really know how to draw brows either (but luckily i don't need to). I thought i had perfect brows, but when beauticians and make-up artists see it, they still commence work on my brows. I always thought "what's with that?!"

They said my brows though good enough, but still imperfect. Right is higher than left, left has small gaps and both don't have tails. Ok, the boys probably won't understand what i'm talking about. So i started drawing my brows when i have make-up on (otherwise i really don't bother since my brows don't disappear like Pepper). Now, i perspire alot & i'm constantly dabbing with tissue. So when you've blusher, mascara and the full works on, the first to go when you perspire are my brows. Which isn't a stark difference, but yes, there is a tiny crack in the perfect art.

& because i am a gian peng, i did it. I am not sure if i regret it or not. 1) I spent $78 extra for the after-care products (again!) 2) Technically, i really don't need it. The process is painless, although after your brow area feels raw.

It certianly gives me a more defined look, abit of a character i would say. But beware, when your face is nude, the brows can be a strong contrast. Thus like how anxious you are for your newly rebonded hair to not-be-so-flat, i will wash my face, steam my face & go against those warnings the thearapists told me not to do to prolong the effect.

I supposedly now have the "perfect arcs" because i balanced out my left to match the right (which originally has a higher arc), lengthened my tails and filled in the gaps (because of my scar on my left brow).

Fresh faced in the morning, second day after treatment. My brows look very thick and bushy!
 After i slap on some foundation & blusher, it evens out the contrast.
But no, i don't think i'll do it again when this fades. I still think it's CHEMICAL.


Anonymous said...

很用心的blog,推推哦 ........................................

Ting said...

hihi, can i check with you how is your eyebrow now? is it still visible? :)

can i find out from you which outlet you did your brows at and who is your therapists?

Anonymous said...

Hello little troubled mind, the dark brows immediately after scared me alittle so i did not 'care' for them as i should. To prolong effect,u should not be washing,steaming and applying cream religiously.

I did none of that hoping it'll fade to natural fast and it did. I suppose it would have become more natural over time but i was impatient and i could have cared for it more to make it last longer.

But if to answer you specifically,its been almost a year,and i can still see a faint tail.


Anonymous said...

Oh i did it at browhaus wheelock and i did not request a specific therapist but i remember her being a chinese girl

Rosie said...

Such a nice post, Thanks for sharing it. I enjoyed your blog and your writing

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