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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Making Cards

I like making cards, i like creating things. Every occasion, i make a card for my parents. I demand that my brothers do too.
My younger brother was more obedient. He did try.His art is the worst among us 3. The other day he was preparing his anniversary gift to his girlfriend. He bought an expensive box to lay a Forever Friends bear in. Then he decorated it with cotton, petals and glitter. Still, it looked more like a coffin instead of anything else.

But he is so so so cute! My older brother is my protector. He stands up for me in the school bus, he buys me Barbie dolls. My younger brother is for me to bully, he plays Barbie dolls with me and role played as my robot (and fetch anything i want).

I don't know why i laid all my soft toys out for this picture. It's SO SISSY!
All 3 of us were pretty creative, but again i think my younger brother was weaker in thinking out of the box.
Still, he tries! Creating a "surprise" on his card.
His drawing is just too cute lah. He still draws like this now i think.

My elder brother was the best artist, but the laziest too! Every time i ask him to make a card, he just take paper and pen. Otherwise, paper and pencil.
But i thought he was the best artist. Now i look at it, i ask why are his humans "so ugly?!"Then, I realised....
my elder brother seeked inspiration from Beavis and Butt-head. Andi think he founded this style of drawing because he drew them before the cartoon even started! I thought he was trying to make it life-like, and i teased him who in reality will look so ugly! Then i found this...

I was the most sincere child i guess.


I made countless cards. Reading back what i wrote to my parents, they make me cringe.

I even presented my dad with a CERTIFICATE and i called him the 42-year old BOY. We don't usually have much to write in the cards, it's always "sorry i don't have a present." or "you're the best."

When i was 13, a 16 year-old boy made me cards. He was the only one who ever made me cards. There were some others who wrote cards to me but not hand-made.
The ultimate was this 3 page one.
It totally rocked my boat and that inspired me to go on making cards for special people..
Take a cue from me, flowers are not romantic. Hand-made cards are & they last a life time.


Hayden Chan said...

No wonder when i give her card she always ask me. you made this card? because i brought it . :/

Lingyi said...

awww so cute! i realise i dont have that many cards but alot of letters.
we love to write letters in sec sch n jc. even tho we see each other in class everyday

LEon said...

I agree with you. Hand made card are really something special. I am surprise you still kept these hand made cards. Most are really creative. :)

Xtine said...

the ones we made as a kid were kept by my mum! Lol. guess any parent would keep whatever her child gives her.they even keep umbilical cords!

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