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Friday, March 9, 2012

Unique Party Venue

This year seems to be a year of nostalgia. With these viral images circulating...
Sound of Music

The mischievous boys from Shaolin

I first found Little Children Museum in 2010 and had a nice time revisiting childhood memories. In the last 2 months, i have been there thrice! Each time, returning with a minimum of 60 images taken by the eccentric shop keeper.
Mr Ang the shop keeper.
The shop is actually an antique store filled with the oldies and goodies. The 'museum' is on second level of the shop house and costs $2 per entry. From Vespa models to old fridges to old phones, everything is for sale yet not really because Mr Ang decides the sale depending if he likes you or not. Antique watches start at $150. In my 3 visits there, i have witnessed him chasing customers out if he finds them too pesky, asking too many questions or leaving finger prints everywhere.
I believe Little Children Museum is listed in some kind of tourist guide book because i found many tourists streaming in. I hope they understand that Mr Ang isn't well-versed in English so may come across as rude, even if he really is a little eccentric.

Mr Ang the curator.
If he decides that he likes you, he subjects you to an impromptu photo shoot with strong dictation.

I kindly obliged because i am a cam whore or maybe i'm too nice to say no. He very enthusiastically temporarily took ownership of my iPhone.

At the entrance of the shop is a replica of the old provision shop filled with old school items, a rarity these days. Starting from $0.40 to $25 (the most expensive item is the Ferris Wheel tin collectible).

There is this glue-like gel in a tube which you squeeze abit and stick onto a small hard straw and blow. There is a technique because the little blob can't be too thick nor too thin. I don't know what you do with the bubble after, but it was fun blowing. No pun intended.

In the mini backyard, which i suspect was meant to be a cafe is a spot where Mr Ang is most proud of. He asks me non stop if i want to put on a sarong kebaya. I politely declined, finding an excuse desperately. I concede defeat, i wanted to stop his saliva raining on me.

Because i am a PROFESSIONAL model, i posed like this.
That, only got a hard smack from his hand as Mr Ang strongly disapproves.

Like an overzealous photographer, he instructed me to stick my hand at the waist, the old-fashion way.
"There, that's better."
Like a child, i bask in his approval.
 Then, something felt missing. So he pulled out a prop.
 I suspect he is using me to reminisce this.

This is found in his shop, by the way.

But Mr Ang wasn't satisfied. The photo wasn't perfect.

So he added a hat.
 And perhaps a fan, with a change of background.
I believe this costume was there for a higher purpose. I believe the plan was to charge tourists/ visitors a fee for a memorial snap shot. Alas, like the cafe that didn't materialize, there wasn't manpower and equipment to do so.

As soon as that Singaporean mentality kick,that "i'm getting something that i otherwise have to pay for"
I upped the mood by suggesting this spot and that. MILK ITS WORTH, i thought.
 Not a good idea. Fueled by my enthusiasm, Mr Ang didn't stop at 30 nor 40. He only stopped after SEVENTY TWO, when i start stamping my feet, fists clenched and say "enough is enough!!"
Starting to feel sian already. Look at that sweaty hair!

He even took out $2 for me to pose with. Remember the old provision shops that used a pulley as cashier?

Getting abit more sian.
SUPER sian already.

Fine! I'll do one last pose that you asked me to.
 The museum upstairs, however, was like The Twilight Zone.
 Transporting you back in time,
 Where we play country erasers instead of trading game cards or swiping iPhones.
This can be found in the vicinity of the museum, a party shop at Golden Landmark shopping mall.
Where we still used 2B pencils instead of computers.
Where we spend $0.10 on snacks, after-school treats.
This can be found in bulk in the vicinity of the museum, a party shop at Golden Landmark shopping mall.

The second time i took my friend and the photo taking happened again. It must be pretty boring in the shop, so if you can spare time, oblige by being his model! Make a difference in someone else's life, no matter how minute you think it is. Mr Ang shared with me that once he did the same (took many pictures) of this young girl (19 years old) and her boyfriend, they later accused him of being a pervert.

Mr Ang is harmless, just needs a little getting used to! All old people have their weird antics and behaviour, but that doesn't me we should neglect them.

If you break through the barrier with Mr Ang, you can actually throw an awesome party at Little Children Museum.

It is actually publicized in the shop as "Toy Workshops Available" but it takes some skill to book this party package because of the eccentric curator.

However the perseverance is worth it because the place by itself is unique, with little nostalgic nuggets waiting to be discovered. 2 young teenagers will then be your 'teacher' for the day, where you and your guests will adjourn to hand make toys of the past like Chap Teh, Wooden Gun, Balancing Pyramid, Kite or more.

Prices start at $15 per head. Write to to enquire about the toy workshops, this way you can bypass Mr Ang.

Forget about the Macdonald's party where you sit on tiny chairs, Little Children's Museum is the place to throw a unique party.

We made the balancing pyramid where in the olden days, basic materials were used to create this toy and children will balance on their fingers to race.

I tried balancing with my tongue. I was testing to see if its true that the tongue is the strongest muscle.
You can use the shop as a wedding shoot location too! On one of my visits, i witnessed it. No, Mr Ang wasn't the photographer. Shop space can be rented at $100 an hour.

2012 is a year of nostalgia, this was before blogs came.
What my diary used to be. I will then wrap it up with wrapping paper to make it more special. Today, i would take it as it is!
The whistling sweet! In Taipei, Dan Shui is full of nostalgia shops too!

Do you remember this useless wristband? It was a ultra cool fashion accessory.
We can rightfully say and not sound sleazy...
Ai Piak Piak Mai?


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