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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movie Review: The Lorax

The Lorax is here to teach a lesson and a good one too.

The office is the worst place of paper wastage. People print anything and everything.

We are in such a digital age that it's an irony that we still print so much.

From the creators of Despicable Me (which is one of my favourite animation by far), The Lorax is an animation film adapted from a children's book written by Dr Seuss. It was first published in 1971, chronicling the plight of the environment.
Imagine! Dr Seuss almost 40 years ago predicted what the future would be like. Do we seem closer to what he imagined?

Some critics especially the logging industry says it is an unfair portrayal as they do lumber responsibly. Society has advanced and living improved with the existence of lumbering, however everyone still plays a small part in saving Earth in reducing reusing and recycling.

Voiced by songsters Zac Efron and Taylor Swift, expect good music that is worthy to be soundtracks.

A very good quote from the book/movie.
It's such a good quote to remember by that people are inking it!
So cute that people are eating it!
Society is so self absorbed these days with devices, how can an iPhone app not be created?
There are means and ways the entertainment industry are making money and hopefully reminding us to protect the environment. It is a fun way of education.
So contribute to the box office and watch The Lorax!

My movie date and i pledge to save the trees in little ways as part of our daily lives.


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