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Monday, March 19, 2012

Nando's New Cataplana Dishes

The trick to getting a girl’s attention is to not send a bouquet on Valentine’s Day but to send it a month after. Your stalk won’t get drowned out and you get to save 80% of the marked up price.

That’s what the cock at Nando's did.

He invited me down to try out his new Cataplana dish, complete with something to wear.
The pretty in pink Rosa Fresca is a frizzy (like Sprite) sweet bubbly minty designer drink created specially to completment the Cataplana recipes and ease the spice with its refreshingly soothing taste. What i liked about the designer drinks at Nando's are they are not too sweet despite how sweet it may look. A less guilty indulgence on a hot day!
Cataplana Originale, has mouth-watering BONELESS succulent chicken thighs with fresh grilled vegetables for a truly well-balanced meal. Cooked with Nando's to-die-for signature sauces, you can choose your level of heat. Usually, if it's just the quarter or half chicken i am having, i would go for super-hot. However for the Cataplana, i chose mild and i already found it spicy.
If you dislike the carrots, peas and capsicums, choose the Cataplana Porto. For mushroom lovers, there are generous servings or mushrooms instead of green and red vegetables. I prefer this. With olives thrown into the mix, there is a slight sour taste. The Cataplana Porto is also wetter than the Originale, due to the moisture in the mushrooms and olives when cooked.

A shell-like cookware traditionally made of copper, the Cataplana is unique to Portuguese kitchens and has been used for hundreds of years in developing flavours to perfection.

To thank Nando's customers for their peri-peri strong support, for every 5 chicken meals consumed, you can collect loyalty stamps for a free Cataplana! Offer is valid till 31 July 2012.

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