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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Singapore Blog Awards 2010

As you all may or may not know, i was nominated as a finalist for the annual Omy affair. 
I've never been to an award show as a nominee (it sounds very glam), so i was stoked about it and probably over did the number of outfit changes. 
It's funny how people recognize each other as their blog URLS.

Gordonator was the highlight of the night with his handmade costume. He is a self confessed Otaku (read my Tokyo posts) and the readers of his blogs are also Otakus! They read his blog and leave comments like "Your suit needs a wash soon." or "Your suit reminds me i need to go get materials bla bla bla." It's all very amusing because they're all very serious about their game! Kudos to people who have passions and fevent about it, Otakus included!
Gordonator was the highlight, until my Chicken took over Earth.
Selected few had to do a catwalk segment and so i changed out because Chicken was jealous and won't get up on stage with me if i was in a sexy dress! All 10 modelling finalists were meant to do this segment together, but 5 had a no-show. I wonder why....
I stuck my finger up its ass..
and found an egg!
Which i threw to someone from the audience, i was so afraid it will hit his head.
and then Earthlings had to paste me with "Likes".
Gordonator got jealous and attempted murder.
This boy is cute lah! Like Harry Potter. Life is so unfair. 
Chubby boys are cute to girls, while chubby girls are intolerable to most men.
The other 2 buzz names at the event was none other than Steven Lim and Ris Low. You got to give it to them. The media failures become media and public darlings.
And to give him some credit, i do think he looked alot better than his old pictures from yesteryears. He is friendly, never shunning a photo (in case you are a fan). Not very discerning because some are disguised mocking fans. He does air punches to whomever he meets. 
Yo brother and Spread the Love Bro is quite passe.
He comes with an entourage of his models from "his agency". When i first heard/ seen his agency on his website, i formed my own opinion that he probably sleeps with these naive girls etc. I am guilty of judging a book by its cover. When i saw him in person, sure he still is the most egoistical man i've seen but he wasn't touchy with the female entourage that surrounded him. He was just heard asking them countless times if he looked good on stage. I guess he will only touch himself and no one else :P

He IS entertainment, i like ;p
Can you imagine what offspring if Ris Low and Steven get together? Pity they didn't put them on stage together. They might be nemisis, who knows. Pity i didn't get to meet Ris in person, it would have been an honour. LOL.
Never heard of Yutaki until i went to his blog and woah, he has FAQ for fans leh!! His pictures are mad awesome but he looked snobbish. Again, never judge a book by his cover because he is very friendly in person and immediately you want to be his best friend! Yes, that's the kind of aura he has. Don't look down on bloggers who have superb photoshop skills, thinking they're himbos and bimbos obsessed with good looks because in the real working world (where i come from), these are skills that gives you an advantage! You can get jobs as graphic designers, art directors, creative directors etc. 不怕没饭吃!

His friend is alot more shy, but his image is damn attention grabbing! Mad cool, mad cool. (shit, am i talking like a blogger already? Soon someone will come up with Blogger lingo, just like SMS lingo. Mark my words).
I do have to give notable mention to Pling though. Tracy kindly offered to customize a peice to complement my stage outfit. She made me a headpeice/brooch (clever!) that looks lovely on its own. Gold nest with a tiny bird with eggs made of expensive pearls. Alas, it was done in a rush due to the looming event so it didn't fit quite right on my head nor on my breast plate. I like her other whimsical themes though, especially the Alice in Wonderland peices.
My favourite blog out of all the nominees is this very ham sup but hilarious blog. You need abit of patience when you start off reading though. As its mostly in dialects and spelt accordingly. His hum sup illustrations are office and living room friendly. I was looking forward to seeing this man in person (will he look like a pervert or a dashing young man?), alas he still remains a mystery.
So yes, never judge a book by its cover. 
For most, Blogs and photoshop come hand-in-hand ;p

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Goldfish Uncle said...

wahhh so nice of you! btw, steven lim is quite awesome hor!

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