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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lohan Lust.

Lohan has never caught my attention until recently. I found her looking real good in her covers. Ever since she grew out of her goody two shoes image, ever since she proclaimed homosexuality, there's an even bigger edge to her personality. It's weird, but bad girl images (Angelina Jolie too) appeal to me whereas wholesome girls like Jennifer Aniston screams boring to me.

Maybe it's my alter ego. Because i know i can never be really bad.

I like pretty things, and i like oogling at women.
Don't you think there is somewhat of an appeal with the 70s underwear? So long as it's not 肉色(nude).

 While i'm marvelling at her beauty and feeling like i'm in Heaven, i was brought back to reality with the behind-the-scenes pictures....
That makes us earthlings feel comforted with our various body issues :P

1 comment:

Lingyi said...

her belly button is waaaaay too high

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