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Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's not True!

Lately, i came across a few scams. Ok, i won't really call it a scam because it is a legitimate business and you DO get something out of it but it's a question of ethics.

1) Model Agencies
These "talent scouts" at the MRT get your details and invite you to join their agency. Believing finally your luck has come and you're spotted (shouldn't it already happen long time ago?!), you're excited. I was in the vicinity and was waiting around for a friend, so i sat down in their "office" at Dohby Gaut. I observed the other "models" they scouted....they are puberscent. Innocent, hungry, gullible and pimply.

Well, i wouldn't just brush off those wannabes just like that. You never know, spot ugly ducklings turn them into swans, they become your cash cows. But you see, the catch was, in order to join the agency, you've to pay X amount for a "portfolio". After that you're officially your model and they market you. This does NOT guarantee you modelling jobs because well you have to look like one before clients contract you. Thus, you just paid for a makeover (you didn't need) and not to become a model. But IF you do want a makeover done anyway, then why not. Kills 2 birds with one stone, provided the agency don't charge you a ridiculous package. So do your homework. They might ask you for more money after though, other excuses like composite cards and what nots.

These agencies seem to go for quantity more than quality.

2) Steven Lim
I first encountered him outside Tangs when i was 19. He asked to pluck my eyebrows for $10. I was taken aback and amused AND terrified he was going to force himself onto my eyebrows. The next time i saw him was him and his bright yellow trunks on national TV. I don't want to post his photos here because i don't want to have a record of repulsive photos (the whale penis is not disgusting right?) Of late, 2 of my friends encountered him. 1 a guy and the other a girl. Here's how it went:

SL: Hello hello you know who i am??
My friend:
SL: Huh! How can you not know me! I am famous.
My friend: (thinks well not that famous till i know you)
SL: ANYWAY, i think you can join my model agency! $100 to join. My client is Mediacorp!

You get a no-makeover photo shoot, no-studio video log and voila! That makes you a model. He probably gets you roles as calefares in Mediacorp that pays $4.50 an hour. If he takes a cut, good luck to you in covering your transport even. Oh well, but Fiona Xie started as a calefare to being a Caldecott Princess. Except Steven's models don't exactly look like Fiona Xie. BUT....television and even print sometimes need average looking people to look realistic!

Steven is advertising for a girlfriend. He asks that "you not have any boyfriends, strictly as pure as virgin including non self-gratifying, faithful and preferably tall and damn pretty and willing to help out in keeping my room sparkling clean and tidy (wah, you mean there's no marital house? you'll be confined to his room)........don't apply because i am rich. Apply because i am Steven Lim."

3) Herbal Life
I was stopped by 2 young girls this afternoon outside Takashimaya. I thought it's another case of the above. They praised me non-stop, saying my hair, my eyes, my figure.....and they said they need my help with a survey. I wasn't in a rush, and i understand how difficult this job can be (sometimes they're not paid hourly but get 5 cents per survey or something) so i said Ok. Then they asked me to follow them into Takashimaya. I asked why is it not the usual clipboard + survey and conduct on the spot. They said the security guard is very mean, he don't allow them to do that. But i saw other such people doing such street surveys! I found it odd. I asked them what are they surveying, they said "singaporeans on their fitness and nutrition levels." I asked what for "they said Bods-something." Nonetheless, i followed them. Everything seemed dodgy, i was abit afraid they were going to abduct me. I was looking for an opportunity to bolt, but they seem to know i was going to. So they offered to help carry my bag etc. They said the survey spot is not far "At Chanel". It's NOT at Chanel. I followed them into the lift, up to the xth floor. They didn't abduct me, but they took my height weight and fat (to cook and eat me).

They said my ideal weight is 45kg and i am 2kg off. I told them i do not want to be 45kg, but they kept persuading me that i should and tried convincing me i am fat. I suspect that weight-height chart they have is rigged. I was never told to lose weight, other than when i was 52kg. So anyway, i told them i am not interested in whatever weight loss products they are trying to sell. I remained polite because they were polite. I remained nice because they were nice. After all, everyone needs to make a living. I don't fault them.

What i was miffed about was, 1) they weren't honest. They said it was a lifestyle survey and when i ask them which company, they didn't say Herbal Life (which i know is a MLM company), not only did they not say, they said ANOTHER THING! So that's totally dishonest.

So there you go, if you encounter the above 3 incidents, be informed, be aware.


玉苓 said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

Marvin said...

You must be a very patient type. I usually walk past but decline politely when they asked.

Time is valuable and to some of us, there isn't much to share .. :D

Xtine said...

Singaporeans Do need to take the time to stop n smell the roses :p

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