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Monday, July 19, 2010

Project BBC

I’m naturally curious about a lot of things. Recently I was invited to a Dr.Ci Labo event where food was served (don’t you know, with any media conference, you need to serve food and give freebies. I’m not quite sure if this is the standard procedure for media conferences around the world, or only because we’re Singaporeans ;p) and products were given.
We were challenged to try the products for 30 days and then write a review as we deem fit.
Now, I used to have bad acne. My mum had it when she was younger, now her face is a lot better but you can still see battle scars. So I guess I inherited that from her. After visits to the doctor, going for facials and using Sunrider to work from within, my skin has reached a level where it is envied by some, if not most of my friends.

I did not want to rock the boat. I wasn’t sure if Ci Labo is as good as touted. I have learnt from my mistakes not to be cheap-skate, just because it’s free, then I should use/ do. Yet, I am curious. I’m an adventurer.
Suddenly, I had an inspiration! Not only am I going to try Ci Labo for 30 days, I will embark on the experiment if papayas make your boobs bigger and pineapples make you taste sweeter.

Thus, Project Bigger, Brighter, Cleaner. It sounds like I’m doing something to my eyes and teeth.

I’ve long heard that papayas can make your boobs bigger. The Taiwanese swear by papaya milk, my Malay ex-colleague swears by chicken drumsticks (hormonal injection is jabbed into their thighs). I’m not quite sure about milk being in the equation because if you put on weight, naturally you will have increased fats around the chest, as well as the mid-section. Still, I’d give papayas a try; after all, it is one of the few fruits rich in estrogens (female hormones).
I plan to watch my weight as the days go by, so that it would be a fair test. That it is not because of my increased weight that I am now a cup bigger, but because papayas is really the miracle growth fruit. I did not want to get cut papayas from the fruit stall in the canteen (I hear they soak them in sugar water to prevent fruits from deoxidizing. Haven’t you realized fruit stalls NEVER get a bad fruit? Whereas if you buy from the supermarket, it’s pretty much luck if you get a sweet one), so I asked my mum to buy me a daily supply from the supermarket.
She asked why do I want bazookas, and she said I should resign to genes. Then she said, my puberty stage has passed. She then said I will turn ORANGE (jaundice) if I eat too much papaya. She is such a wet blanket!
But as with all scientists, I will preserve.

Dr Ci Labo is a cult brand in Japan, a skincare formulated by a team of skin doctors. Its brand mission is to only use natural ingredients that your skin needs. Preservative, fragrance and chemical free, it sounds like something I would use! However, I looked up reviews and many people mentioned that it is too rich for Singapore due to our humidity levels. I am wary about this; I don’t want to be battling another bout of acne, worse if it’s ADULT acne.

But I’d try, with caution.

Formulated in Japan, made for the Japanese. Of course they won’t neglect the whitening function. This, I will try on my body (although it’s meant for the face), I’ll see if those mosquito bite scars will lighten.

My friend ended things with a girl he’s been dating because she tasted and smelt foul. She was a beautiful model, yet lived on a diet of macaroni and cheese. I don’t think it’s because of her odour, that he didn’t give her a second chance. He just wasn’t that into her at that point in time. I have had friends who’d still do their lover, with blood and all. An African friend even told me consummating during periods will create a special bond for 7 years (sounds like voodoo to me :P )
Hygiene is important when a couple engages intimately. However, sometimes spontaneity removes the availability of water or a shower. So how then do you make sure that you taste and smell good 24/7 down below? I have heard too often of men and their rotten fish/ oyster jokes.

Women in general, can taste and smell differently on different days depending on her menstruation cycle. Men have described to me that women taste metallic on certain days, salty on others. Most men are happy to be allowed down south on the one they love, the smell and taste then don’t matter that much unless you’re as foul as macaroni and cheese. They’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s sweet smelling nectar that greets them! I did a taste test on myself (yes, I am THAT curious), I’ve tasted my own blood too (not my menstruation blood lah!). The first time, I did taste metallic. I tried a second time months later, and got a neutral report back. In other words, bland and in stricter terms…BORING!!

Onions are said to make you bitter. Chocolates and dairy products make you bad. Pineapples on the other hand, is said to make you like nectar.

Count down to Project BBC.

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