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Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunset Chasers.

Bali is so full of counterfeit goods that even the Lonely Planet guidebooks there are photocopied.
This was the FIRST holiday that i returned with NO shopping. Quite frankly, i had enough bikinis (alot of surf brand factory outlets there), i had my real branded merchandise from Tokyo already (the fakes didn't look that nice anyway) and i definitely have enough clothes already.

Still, i spent close to $400 for food, accomodation and airfare. We rented a scooter to speed down to Uluwatu for the acclaimed romantic sunset. Alas, we only found/reached the place at sundown. Admittedly, i was disappointed. But what i appreciated was his determination in taking us there. I knew the wind was cold but i didn't feel cold. The warmth from hugging him tight on the bike and the warmth that i felt in my heart was enough to prevent me from catching a cold. Speeding back home on the dark streets after sunset, i felt even closer to my biker boy.
The highlight of the trip then, was the dive. It was my first ship wreck!
Millions of fishes swim beneath,it's another world we see.
I can't quite figure out what fish is this. But man it looks fierce.
This was the stern of the ship i believe.
I'm quite excited that i finally figured out how to use my camera underwater. But i pretty much snap anything and everything underwater. My battery usually goes flat after one dive (30 minutes) and i am not so good with angling because i cannot fin as well and i cannot maintain bouyancy. The dive master holds my hand all the time..i am such a baby!
The US Liberty ship went underwater after a volcano eruption. Although it has only been underwater for 30 years or so, the wreck is already encrusted with millions of species and microlife.
I was hoping to find some treasure. I didn't even get to see my dive buddy that much! I could only look one direction...down. Hahaha! The airtank on your back makes it hard to turn your head up, left or right. Unless you move your entire body to that direction. Do you have any idea how heavy one air tank is? The women there could carry 2 on their heads, 1 on their shoulder.
Bali in general is so commercialised and tourist-y that every few steps you take, there will be someone selling you their service/ product. But the food there is cheap and good (the local cuisine), there's also alot of shopping to be done (but Havianas cost the same as Singapore), the waters are pristine, the water sports are at the usual rates. The massages a must-do! We had one everyday (SGD 8).

Another thing i had wanted to do was the romantic seafood dinner at Jimbaran Bay but it didn't happen. He did however, take me to a seafood lunch at Jimbaran Bay just before my flight, which i thought was better than doing it at night. Because the food stays hot longer. I did the romantic seafood dinner on my first trip to Bali and although the atmosphere was alot better, the food sucked. It was hard and cold as soon as the wind on the beach touches them.

As i reflected on my flight back home alone, i thought that everyday is romantic with him. I need no beach dinner with twinkling lights and a three-piece band.

As for the curse of Bali, Bel told me it's because some Prince died and the Princess cursed the island because she's this sad sod who couldn't stand other happy couples whilst her lover is dead.

To think of it, if she really did curse the island and its true, it shouldn't only apply to tourists isn't it? Bali would have NO Balinese lovers then.
I want to grow old with you, like them.

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