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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cove.

Don't know why but i'm going into quite abit of a social rant now. This docu-movie is about the illegal captivity and killing of 200,000 dolphins in Japan (to sell off as entertaining dolphins or fake whale meat for consumption). It has won many awards and is a worthy mission in spreading a message out. I applaud the film makers who have such strong passion about their cause.

Different people feel differently about different things. I might cry at the sight of dolphins brutally killed, but i won't if i see the same with sharks (as of now, i still love to eat shark's fins). That's because sharks are mean machines, they are not likable. But this movie has put new considerations into my mind about the whole eco-system.

People are blaming the Japanese for this cruelty because of this movie, but the Chinese brutally kill dogs, the Canadian kill baby seals for their fur, the Europeans kill whales?? Mankind is at war with the Earth.

I haven't watched this film, but i encourage you to so we can be reminded that we share the World. In fact, just watching the trailer and interview ,the thought of turning vegetarian crossed my mind. Because one theory said that the Japanese government allows the killing of dolphins because they are depleting the supply of fish. It then also makes me think why is it ok to eat cows and then not ok to eat whale meat then? I love being a non-vegetarian! And that trailer is strong enough to actually let me entertain the thought of becoming vegetarian! But i think what i can do now is to reduce waste. Stop buying clothes that i wear only once.


The Cove is only showing at GV Plaza Sing (2 sessions only)or Vivocity

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