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Friday, August 28, 2009

Haven't been doing such social things for quite awhile! Hmm..i'm contemplating having a birthday party again this year. I want to host one because

1) i like to give smashing (different, not the same old same old that invovles alcohol and birthday cake)

2) i like receiving presents (which otherwise i don't receive, if people are not "forced" to bring out of the courtesy of attending a party. haha..yeah, quite sad. i am not that popular.)

3) i like to give groups of friends the opportunities to meet up after a long while (how difficult it is nowadays for busy people to find a common timing and place!)

but here's why i don't really feel like doing it either
1) it costs money catering food (i spent about $400 for my last party, even without needing to rent the yatch. The amount which, i could have used to buy myself one BIG present, or make that MANY small ones)

2) i end up being tired being the host and i am not sure if i enjoyed my party or not

3) people don't bring presents, really, anyway.

So, i don't know......but boy do i love themed parties!!

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