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Friday, August 28, 2009

7 Deadly Sins: Jealousy

Pretty girls in the limelight often get accused of going for plastic surgery. I haven't got that defamation, but perhaps that's because i am not in the public eye, not heavily made-up, and do not have the perfect looks. It's like some post old pictures of some pretty girl and say this was how she looked like in Junior College. Thereby implying that she had plastic surgery.

This was how my family looked like at 7,11,13, 38 and 41 years old respectively.
and here's what we look like now. People change, ugly ducklings become swans. Ok...fine, maybe you can argue that the picture from Junior College is a good gauge because most features would already have developed. Like how celebrities within 2, 3 years can look SO different. I can show you my teenage pictures and i can say i have changed too! I have slimmed down, my skin is alot better, my eyes somehow became a little bigger without any enhancement, surgical or not ( this i seriously can't figure out why and how).

Maybe these girls who have gone pretty is because they now have better dress sense, more money to spend on skincare and make-up? I just think whether plastic surgery or not, it is a choice and it's not yours to live with it. Why do people have filthy mouths? Words that do not contribute in any way. I think it secretly fuels their ego using jealousy. Because they console themselves that a pretty thing that looks perfect just cannot be natural. Which makes them feel good about themselves, because they are "natural" and therefore "better" than those "plastics".

It's innate to be superficial (looking for good genes to mate), therefore it's in everyone to be/look perfect (how many skinny girls have you heard complain that they're fat? *rolls eyes*) Of course, media influence and propaganda fuel this superficiality trend as well.

For me,i'm happy with my life and how i look and am very blessed with my genes. But if the surgery is FREE and 100% RISK FREE, hmmm...i would say i am tempted to perfect one part of me! But that would really take long serious thinking in deciding one part because as of now, i like every part!

Already, girls have gone for permanent removal of hair (that's also a change against nature forcefully isn't it?Pubic hair (to trap dirt) and perhaps even armpit hair is there for a reason.)Girls have gone for eyelash extentions, hair extentions etc.

Technology has also now made lunchtime quick fixes- botox etc. available. The boob injection is the latest craze. With no down-time at all and not invasive (no knives, no cutting), you increase to a size bigger within minutes. It gives you the same effect of an implant, but only temporarily (lasts a year). But there's risks of hard lumps, and i have my doubts about the effects as it means whatever chemical they're injecting you with travels within your blood unlike an implant that stays put.

So if you narrow-mindedly say "eh, she's so fake! She went for a face lift". What do you say to someone who had botox? You find that more acceptable right? Why is that so? The end result is sort of the same, isn't it? Or if a seriously over-weight girl went for liposuction, you would say "she should have done that sooner!"

Humans are so judgemental.

But that's what makes us different from animals too. Life is such an irony.

P.S i don't know what came onto me suddenly to rant about plastic surgery. but i think the world can be a better place without judgement. Which i just committed by guessing why some people are defaming pretty girls. And i was just about to go into why some people do plastic surgery as well (insecure? self esteem issues?), which is another judgement i subconsciously made too. So you see, i am human too.

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