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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing with Toys

My first toy was given by my elder brother. It was Barbie, then came Ken. Their accessories (clothes, bedroom set) came as presents from Aunties. I remember playing with Barbie alot, and i always made sure they're clothed when i store them away, just in case they come alive at midnight (read too much Enid Blyton). But sometimes, i wanted her to have some fun with Ken and thus i left them naked, hoping they'll get a pleasant surprise at midnight.

I remember when i found out how humans have sex (at 12 years old, some hormones-raging boy in school told me), i passed that knowledge on to my Barbie playmate using her dolls to illustrate what i meant. I got reprimanded for passing on the fact of life.
Some evenings, my brothers and I would go to the canal to catch guppies. Once, our neighbour caught a stingray!

With my own pocket money, i bought some Barbie imitation to be my Barbie's daughter. I suppose you need to pay for quality, as her daughter's head and hair dropped off over time.
Older brother then bought me these dolls who hid surprises in their hair (an eraser, an accessory etc). It looked something like this but i can't remember the name. Perhaps Strawberry Shortcake, but i can't quite remember. I only remember human shampoo don't work the same for dolls. It made their hair really really dry.The only doll i detest were Cabbage Patch Kids and the life-like ones that can flip the eyes open and close. Watched too much Chucky (life-like evil doll)+ Enid Blyton (toys coming alive).
Every birthday, my god-ma would buy me a polly pocket. I had the exact same sets as above. From left to right: Restaurant, child-care center, cafe, house. My favourite ones were the childcare center and shopping mall. I totally regret throwing these away now. I bet i can sell them off at a high price to collectors now.

My younger brother will play with me my dolls, polly pocket inclusive. I think that's why i would think i'm closer to him than the elder one although it was him who bought me the toys. Which advocates the theory why busy parents should shower their children with money and materials and make up for the time not spent with them.

Kids nowadays are sadly hooked to their Wii, PSP, DS and all things electronic. In Australia, i have seen parents keeping their young children occupied with a portable DVD player (usually Asians). Play on.

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King said...

Haha. My sisters have the EXACT same toy as those showed above. Children were so innocent back then(At least to me,haha).

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