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Monday, June 2, 2014

Food Innovations

Singaporeans are foodies, and i'm a Singaporean who's always on the hunt for something new!

Bakeable Kit Kat

Kit Kat in Japan is legendary for its unique array of flavours. Soy sauce and wasabi was the strangest. Now, they outdo themselves with a bakeable version!
Not available in Singapore, a friend got some back for me to try and i did. Taking it out of the fridge for awhile, it started melting a little. It must be Singapore's humidity. I nibbled the raw Kit Kat, expecting it to be doughy (bake-able no?) but it wasn't. It tasted like white chocolate! Yes, it was edible. 

I popped it into my unconventional oven (you'll know when you see the instavideo) and baked. The result was an ugly looking Kit Kat because i didn't quite follow strictly to the instructions. It's fascinating how the raw Kit Kat would melt when out of the fridge, but be able to bake and change under oven heat. The result was a very crispy Kit Kat that was mind boggling with its inventiveness, but was alittle too sweet for my liking. 
Space Soups

Muji's freeze dried soups remind me of the dried ice-cream for astronauts found at the Science Center.
Except it tastes better, fresh and low in calories! There is a variety of flavours and they all taste so real! As if it was cooked from the pot, with fresh ingredients. The soup isn't cheap, each packet can make 2, 4 or 6 serves and it averages about $2 per serve. It doesn't create a big bowl either. It wouldn't be filling as a meal, but nice as a snack. Plus it's low in calories, starting from 18 (depending on flavour). Japanese #FTW

Giving freeze dried eggplant and radish soup a go                          
It's slightly salty, but Japanese soups like miso is always salty. The vegetables (cai xin) are surprisingly crunchy, and the eggplant expanded to large pieces. This would be perfect for rainy weather at home.

These freeze dried soups can be found in Muji stores in Singapore.

Design Your Magnum

To celebrate Magnum's 25th anniversary, i attended a decadent event where Singapore's largest chocolate fountain was on display. Standing more than 1m tall and over 100kg of chocolate flowing, it made it into the book of records.
A dessert chef and local fashion designer collaborated to put up a fashion show for guests using chocolate as jewelry pieces. 
If you haven't been invited to the party, fret not. You'll get to see all of them at Customs House Terrace, One Fullerton where it is the last time they'll install the Magnum Pleasure Store on our shores. It'll be a unique date idea!
The best location saved for the last. Get a view of magnificent structures like MBS and others.
The makeshift Magnum parlour is decked out in brown and silver, celebrating pleasure and indulgence.
Offering an extensive menu of desserts from cakes to cocktails to fondue, what takes center stage is the Design Your Magnum podium. For $7, create a unique flavour combination by choosing up to 3 toppings from 18 selected ingredients. You also get to choose Magnum's finest chocolate coating - white, classic or Infinity Dark.
I was feeling adventurous and went for classic to dress up my vanilla bean ice cream bar, topped with sea salt, mixed flowers and chocolate hearts. A friend commented it looked like i was stuffing potpourri into my mouth but the sea salt went really well with chocolate! The mixed flowers gave it a fragrant smell and wasn't bad to eat. We and the sun finished it within minutes. 
After all, a day without pleasure is a day lost. Go, design your Magnum before you never do again! The pleasure store is until 23 July, from 12 -10.30pm daily.
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