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Friday, June 27, 2014

Soccer Babes

Everyday, the men were discussing about 22 men, 1 ball and 1 gold cup until the screen captured Jang Yewon, a Korean babe.
Alas, South Korea, Asia's last shot at the World Cup was eliminated. My mind went to the gutter as i looked up a different cup.

Now that the qualifiying teams are out, i wondered about the cup size of their women and if they could be "big" winners too.
According to D breast map found here, the women of U.S and Columbia seem to be the big "winners," boasting mostly D cup bra sizes.
Just further down south, Latin America's women are mostly Cs. Like Brazil and Argentina.
So is most of Europe. 

It was quite odd to not be able to find a Dutch in a bikini. 
Mexico, according to the breast map is B but it doesn't seem fair judgement. 
As for the smallest chests, apparently those are found in Africa and Asia. 

Not sure if the breast map is accurate, do breast implants count, or are we talking au naturel exclusively? What do you think?

Nonetheless, according to a study, looking at breasts can prolong life. The world cup, every 4 years, what a time to be alive!


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