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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Make a Tan Last

June is here and it’s the month of events, parties and celebrations. Needless to say, travel and beach outings. 
I’ve always envied girls with the honey golden tan, something that I felt I could never achieve. Until I found the secret in getting and maintaining that tan.   
The secret in making a tan last is exfoliation and moisturizing.  It isn’t a shocking secret, but not many of my friends have the habit of moisturizing daily after shower nor exfoliating once a week. To be honest, exfoliating regularly can feel like the last thing on my mind when I live with my parents (still) and if I take any longer in the bathroom, I’m afraid they may ask if I’m counting hairs.
But before heading to the beach, I make sure I exfoliate with Vardi & Migdal the night before. 
By gentling rubbing the finely grinded Dead Sea salt gently on my skin, it softly exfoliates and removes dull, parched surface cells to prepare my skin for the tanning to come.

  Furthermore, every opportunity I get near a bathtub, I would lug along the spa Dead Sea salt for a relaxing aromatherapy spa experience! Without paying at least $100 at a beauty spa out of home. 
If you need to know which Singapore hotels provide bath tubs for your staycations, Quincy and Crowne do!
Exfoliation regularly however, serves to reduce the build up of dead skin cells that can clog pores and prevent the skin from growing in a healthy manner. Giving yourself some body love will increase blood circulation and it will help condition even the driest hands and feet.
A good scrub goes hand in hand with a good moisturizer. They are inseparable, like ham and cheese. If not part of your regular routine, moisturizing after tanning is the best way to hang on to that sexy shoulder by slathering on lotion. Vardi & Migdal’s Dead Sea body butter in peach and wild flower not only drenches skin in moisture, it smells so good I have to resist licking.
Body butter (s) usually feel rich to the skin, but Vardi & Migdal’s Dead Sea body butter was quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving only a fresh silky softness.
I asked my friends and not all of them have a habit of moisturizing their bodies after shower. If there’s anything I learnt from the strip club, it is to slather on within 3 minutes after shower to seal the moisturizer.
Vardi & Migdal products are created by world leading dermatologists and many of their products are infused with minerals from the Dead Sea. I haven’t thought much about the fascinating healing and therapeutic properties of the Dead Sea until I made a trip to Israel 6 years ago. My pastor swears by the dead sea products, so I bought a skincare and body care set. As a tourist, I just can’t leave without buying anything from the country!
Besides, at that time I was battling combination facial skin (oily and dry) and mild alzheimer in between my toes. The minerals salts (up to 8 key minerals) in the Dead Sea each have a healing property of its own all mixed into one Dead Sea. Dead Sea products are touted to cure or alleviate ailments from skin problems such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis to rheumatic diseases like various forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia. Whatever it is, it did not give me an outbreak on my face and seemed pretty suitable for my then problematic face.
  Dead sea products are usually not cheap, because of the large amount of science and research into a bottle. This body of water is mind bogging as it is, the astounding geography of the Dead Sea makes it the lowest dry point on Earth, and it has natural buoyancy that makes ANYTHING float without effort. 
The Dead Sea exists in an environment hot enough to leave behind high amounts of salty minerals after evaporation but I can’t be scraping this off, can I?
Neither can I pack Dead Sea mud from the source.
To continue benefitting from Dead Sea products, one source is Vardi & Migdal stores found at Wisma Atria, Plaza Singapura, JCube and Star Vista.
Treat your skin to something good, turn your bathroom into a spa.
Vardi & Migdal is giving away a bodycare package worth $365! All you have to do is, hop over to their Facebook page, like their post and share to win. Last entry will be considered 30th June.


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