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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How to Reignite the Spark

A girlfriend just passed her first year anniversary with a baby in tow shared that its a conscious effort to revive their sex life. That usually includes her making the first move like giving her husband a handjob at the lights.
A male friend shared the mini project he has with his girlfriend which is to donate a coin in a jar every time they make love. Once it is full, they'll remove a coin everytime they make love. It filled up rapidly in the beginning of the relationship but now that they're married, also with a baby in tow.....the jar reminds full, mocking at him silently.
Is it a man's role to reignite the spark? Or can a woman take charge? I believe in the Asian culture, men predominantly makes the first move but women can be responsible for their own pleasure. 

1) Pay a visit to the adult store
It's not dirty, you don't have to go for the hardcore stuff like 2 girls and a Cup, or the hannibal masks.
It can start simple, like my girlfriend who bought garters and net stockings for her first visit after much persuasion from me. I remember seeing the adult store in the middle of Bugis Village having a Ladies' night with store-wide discount on a Tue or Wed. Adult stores in Singapore are expensive, so stock up the next time you visit Japan, the motherland of kink. 

2) Keep an open mind & laugh
Love dice can be a riot. Like this pair. I rolled and got "Massage Dramatically".

Or a dramatic massage could also be like this

I rolled the dice again and i  got "Dance together- Intensely". Maybe its twerking overloaded.
4) Out of Home Sex
Notice i didn't say outdoor sex, because outdoor sex after a certain age has no appeal and is overrated. Past 30, a nice bed , clean sheets and controlled temperature gets people more in the mood for love making. That's not to say it has to be at home all the time! Being in unfamiliar places like a themed love hotel can reignite the spark.

5) Read a book
First, you have to admit you ain't very creative. Then you go online to find articles and start building a reference notebook of tips. Like a checklist or achievement list, endeavour to try a tip each time.

You're not alone, as Singaporean women reveal in a survey their inner passions and deeper thoughts.

6) Smell good
I don't spritz perfume before cuddling as perfume can be suffocating. To smell good nonetheless, I use LUX's new Classic Collection, a collaboration with a global fragrance expert Calice Becker.
As the nose behind branded fragrances like J'adore, Tommy Girl and Beyond Paradise, LUX's Soft Touch shower foam and bars is not only much cheaper than those expensive perfumes, it is also less intense on the nose when intimate. The texture is milky and left a lingering but subtle French rose smell. It makes me feel so good that it's an instant confidence booster. LUX's Soft Touch is also infused with moisturising SilkEssence that my man wouldn't be able to resist rubbing his nose into my soft and silky mounds. Hehehe.
If you need more ideas on how to reignite the spark, check out the House of Lux.

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