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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pride Glory Honour

It was my first time being in beside the ring...bright lights, bland ring girls, blasting music & too loud for comfort was an experience nonetheless.
Almost stealing the thunder was sauve local celebrity who gave his then-fiancee part of his liver, Pierre Png, who sat right in front of me. He was sooo sweet to have sang our National Anthem with pride before the match. I noticed he was the only one singing his heart out amongst all the other white collared professionals. The rest probably thinks it's pai seh to sing Majulah, ungrateful citizens! Coming without his wife, he could let loose and BE A BOY whilst shouting "Get the ring girls to fight!" unrelentlessly. When a fighter got knee-ed in his balls, Pierre cheekily shouted "Balls of Steel, you can do it!"

Without a paunch in sight, he wolved down a HUGE chocolate cake. I have the fork and tissue he discarded, any bidders? After all, somebody did sell Scarlett Johansson's used tissue (she had a flu!) on Ebay. It was sold eventually at USD 3160. I wonder how much is Pierre's worth.

Back to the game.
Resorts World, where the event was held, try to taut themselves with exemplary service, but i still don't see astonishing serivce. IF they could actually miraculously offer me something to warm me up like how the usher at a church serivce (not my regular place) gave me a shawl to cover up, i would be impressed. That being said, it wasn't bad service, just saying that they didn't give themselves an edge, a step above the usual.

Ring girls should be busty. They look kinda ah-lian-ish to me, super skinny & fair, no super sized boobs (i like to see boobs!). They didn't wow me. The ones that we see on America TV is more crazy, the ring girls wearing close to nothing, they even make out with the wrestlers and all. But THAT is TV entertainment, this is a real sports event so more conservative/ sporty i guess.
Got to admit, it's pretty impressive being so close to the ring though. To feel the pain when opponents rain blows onto the other's head, nose bashed in, mops taken out to wipe the blood off the floor during half-time. In the height of all testostorones from the audience.
Under-the-table wagers were seen. Dollar bills were passed :P

You sit on the edge, you silently pray, you roar with pride pump your fist in victory when the dude you're rooting for wins. They each have a name that incites fear in their opponent (supposedly). The Bear, The Silencer, The's all pretty amusing. Especially The Silencer was a scrawny looking Philipino guy.

What will your fearful name be?

Reminds me of MY ring days. Running on the beach works the legs out even more.
I was too afraid to be disfigured, so i never allowed myself to take one punch.
Vanity, not power was the secret to my 12 medals, with 4 more not in the picture.

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