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Monday, May 17, 2010

Dream Home

I live in a HDB, and the only thing remotely interesting and funky about it is this makeshift toilet which the Board set up when renovating everyone's toilet.

Well, i had my room to play around..but i gave up having a theme because i like having hundreds of personal photos as wallpaper. I laminate every single photo, each peice cost $0.50. I gave up counting the number of photos it takes to cover the wall: $200 x $0.50 = ALOT of money

So I settle with a few knick-knacks to keep my room funky.

I have.....

1) Little Boy Lamp (my mum was horrified with it's obscenity)
2) Old School chalk board
3) Gumball dispenser
4) Movie World Slate
5) Char Siew Bao candles
As with how Singaporeans propose "Wanna go apply HDB?" I have dreamt about the day someone pops this question to me. And i have thought about my dream home, next to my dream wedding.
I always found a hands-on man/ father very sexy.
In my dream, i have a man who looks like Tom Welling who builds our nest from scratch.
An architect by profession, he designs according to my wishes. He's also full of brains and brawns, that he could build the entire structure with his bare hands (& bare body).
Footnote: "Tom Welling without shirt" is apparantly one of the most searched on Google.
& then he flashes me his MEGA _ _ _ _ when it's all done.
Mega grin lah!

Because I am a girl, and i am fickle..i can't settle on one concept for the house. Thus i'd like the house to have different themes in different rooms. Like Ministry of Sound. It'll be like a theme park! I know that makes it not classy, but i want my house to be fun! Like my nature.
At least it'll have views like this to impress guests. Imagine watching the sun rise and sets on the horizon. I will  fear tsunamis though.
I like the 70s deco. Bar stools, ice-cream parlour....
Having the celler like a dungeon gives you kinky escapades right in your own home!
Lo & behold, this is the Immortality House that costs US 4 million in the East Hampton.
Immortality, i first misread it as immorality. Tee Hee.
According to artists Arakawa and Madeline Gins, your home can prolong your life.
The couple theorizes that one reason people die is because they live in spaces that are too comfortable. Therefore, they designed a home meant to leave its occupants disoriented and challenged. Rooms are situated far apart, walls are splashed with kaleidoscopic colors, and bumpy, undulating floors make getting from room to room a challenge. And let's hope you're not a very private person, because none of the rooms have doors -- not even the bathroom.
Looking at this picture, i thought it was a computerized graphic. But no, zoom in and it IS built! Its like some sort of foam built around to give it an uneven floor surrounding the kitchen and dining area. These features are meant to prolong life by stimulating the mind and body. No wonder the artists want to sell their house, think it'll drive them crazy for life, literally. Imagine living a LONG life in this house.
Nothing happens unless first a dream.

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