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Monday, May 31, 2010

Laugh Monday Blues Away

I know i've missed a couple of Mondays, but it really ain't that easy narrowing down really funny ones as I usually chance upon them. I only want to put quality laugh-out-loud material, thus pardon me for the lack of it. Today's post i'd say it's quite a feeble attempt at laughing out loud, but still...let's laugh at someone else's expense :P
Petticoats have been invented as an undergarment for ladies. They're usually in not-so-flattering colours like 肉色 (beige) that is often associated with granny panties. Thus Singaporean girls don't use them as much, and would rather wear g-strings under white skirts, flashing their butt cheeks.

Vanessa Williams, the famous tennis player, however re-defines the use of petticoats.
I guess her's is really 肉色 (skin colour).

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