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Monday, May 10, 2010

Nostalagia Yasin

Couldn't find anything worth of my usual "laugh Monday blues away", i'd let you laugh at me instead...
I'm so badly burnt that i'm terrified of the sun now. Going to recuperate as a vampire this week on.
Nostalagia Yasin is 1 hour bus ride ($10/pax/2way) from Tanjung Pinang which is 2 hours ferry ride ($52/pax/2way)from Tanah Merah. That is a grand total of 3 hours, you'll forget about the hurting bum if you fall asleep on cue in both rides.

Coming to this part of Bintan, it's totally serene (we counted less than 20 other guests)in this resort. 3 resorts are in conjuction with one another on this stretch, Yasin, Agro Beach and Cabana. Yasin is catered to the budget traveller, rooms start from $30 for 2. Agro Beach and Cabana is more "luxurious", although to me, it ain't any more luxurious. This chain of resorts is different from the other side of Bintan, where Bintan Resorts reside (Nirwana, Banyan, Bintan Lagoon etc.)

I'm glad we chose the budget accomodation. Although with bare minimum facilities and room amenities, it was "comfortable". From the exterior look of the "more luxurious" choices, i doubt the rooms over there can be any more "luxurious". Besides, it was an experience living in sparse conditions. At least it was better than the one we had in Tioman which was just concrete in the rooms.
I chose the premium room of the lot. The Deluxe Bamboo Room ($54/night). You get the most spacious room, with your own bathroom (it is not flush-less), not to mention your own balcony where you can do many creative things with.
This room is one of the few which has a TV (dvd playable only). Good to have because there ain't much to do there. Don't forget to bring your own DVDs though.
Be warned. These huts at Yasin do not have air-con! It's not much of a problem considering you'll almost be in your bikini 16 hours of the day and the night is cool with the sea breeze. Except....this means mozzies attack! The mosquito net around the bed don't seem to help. They do considerately provide mosquito coils & insect repellent. It also helps if your sleeping partner tastes sweeter, i got 20 bites >_<
Caught the sunset from our balcony, before jumping back into bed when it's over. It's my first time seeing the sun rise, never woke up that early before.
The water is clear & shallow. When the tide is low (before 4pm), you can actually walk all the way out to another small land. And you'll actually be standing in the middle of the ocean. Close to shore, there isn't much to see underwater due to the dead corals. Except for the rare sight of tiny black-yellow stripe fishes hiding in the seaweed.
But when we swam all the way out on our own, underwater life starts getting exciting. So exciting that it almost scared me to death when i saw sea urchins underneath me. I know them to be poisonous, and i was not wearing a life jacket. I was afraid either they'll float up to poke me, or i'll sink down and poke myself. According to sources reporting, i flew across waters. I panicked, i swam frantically back to safety, only to panick even more when i didn't know which way to go and it seemed like the water isn't getting any shallower. It was almost like i saw a shark or a dead corpse.

It was all pretty funny after the ordeal but frankly, my chest was tight and i started to breathe in water.
I prefer staying on land, cam-whoring.
Yasin has only one restaurant which serves pretty good food. It's cheaper than its sister resorts, Agro too. Like $1-$2 cheaper. The restaurant reminds me of the canteen at Outward Bound Camp.
We ordered food from the restaurant one night and brought it back to our private balcony for dinner under the stars! You can't order room service because there's no such thing as in-house phones!
I diet (tried to) before coming on this beach holiday i knew i was coming. Now it has all gone to waste waist because i ate so much junk food. Perhaps i have let loose abit too much. Chips, chocolate, ice-cream, oily spicy Indo food...

Oh yes, helps if you can pack your own snacks,alcohol and I-pod with speakers (for the room)! Come prepared. I mean, there ARE mini-marts & a bar there, although they're not exorbitantly over-priced but if your luggage can fit...why not?
But you can always ask the kind people at Yasin to scooter you over to sister resort Agro for some ice-cream!
Where you can enjoy the facilities over there like this infinity pool, massages and a mini zoo...which consist of er...
2 skinny monkeys whom we fed nuts, fruits and ants to.
and a family of rabbits who looked on with jealousy.
Sitting at the pool, sipping fruit juices all day. This was what got me sun-burnt! Even under the shade!
Food there by the way, is almost like Singapore food court prices. Not dirt cheap, not very expensive but not cheaper than Singapore either. Most of their clientele are Singaporeans anyway, thus the pricing strategy. I paid everything in SGD. Fruit juices are $3, a main course like fried rice or noddles is $4, pizza is $8. Their breakfast menu is quite pathetic though. Just an omelette is $3.

They also have water sports which you can do. Banana boats and the likes go for $15-$40. Snorkelling at the islands set you back $40-$80.
For a weekend just milling around, doing nothing literally, it's an option.

Oh, but if you require a visa to enter Indonesia (Singaporeans do not need), it's another USD 25. Might then be a not-so-budget beach trip anymore.

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Speechless indeed: you have such a nice body and bum! Yummy!

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