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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Girl Crush

I find myself irrisistably attracted to HER. 

She's always dressed immaculately with her jet black ironed hair, fitted dresses and branded heels. When she wears bright yellow or fiery red instead of her usual sombre monotones, my heart skip a beat. 

Her physical appearance isn't next top model, but she exudes confidence that needs no powder, lipstick or fake eyelashes (but she must need her eyebrows drawn). 

There is a definite candid enamour about her. 

At work, i hold her with high regard for her deft and courageous business decisions and her quick wit in conversations. Her precise but tactful feedback makes meetings constructive. I can't help but eavsdrop on her phone calls many times and i silently chuckle at how adorable she sounds. A softspoken, nursery-rhyme singing woman lies underneath that loud, blunt, agressive exterior. 

Our stars aligned and we went on a business trip overseas together. Through it, i got to know her better. 

She is a married woman with twins, and as she shares her new journey as a mum, i'm furiously taking mental notes of how i'd want to keep my future household in harmony like her. 

She treats her maids (renamed "helpers" these days) with dignity and generousity. When she goes outlet shopping overseas, she gives them each a token allowance so they could get something nice. She doesn't expect the house to be spick and span, doesn't expect the helpers to cook daily, because she knows two newborn babies are double the trouble. 

If her maids are happy, her babies are happy. If her babies are happy, she and her husband are happy. 

Isn't two helpers a tad too much? She isn't living in a sprawling mansion afterall. She refutes, "instead of my parents being frazzled caring for the babies, they can focus on playing with them. I want them to enjoy their grandchildren 100%." An exemplary of not penny wise pound foolish. Also the sacrifice of a mother as she gives up her 3 branded handbags a year to none. 

Then, there is the "child proofing" she ISN'T DOING. She believes curbing a child's misadventure is with education. Even if she can protect her child from falling out of the window, knocking the edge of the table, she will not be able to child-proof all restaurants and friends' homes. 

This post is going to end very abruptly, pardon me, i need to go find the "like" button.

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Marvin said...

It's been sometimes since I came across your site. Never fail to entertain and at times creates some giggling inside me.
Keep the articles coming...

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