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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

When things go Bump!

What do you do when you get these little bumps blemishing perfect skin?

Just a month ago i got complimented by 2 strangers for my flawless skin! It must be the haze, heat or changing my night cream (i thought i needed something richer turning 29), but i started getting these bumps (but not surfacing as pimples) underneath my skin. 

It was demoralising, having been praised to Heaven then falling back down to Earth as a mere mortal plagued with bad skin. 

Only Porcelain Face Spa's Quinessential facial could fix it, my trusty facial salon for the past 2 years or more. 

Day 1 after Facial
Face horribly red and kinda blotchy but can be covered up with Porcelain's Flawless, a tinted sunscreen. Porcelain is a strong advocate for foundation free and  have no fear in repeatedly reminding you it'll undo desired results.
Day 2
2 new pimples occured with white pus visible. It burst while I was washing my face. Their client service rep whatsapp me to check in on my skin. I was surprised with this "extra" service. She kindly told me that all therapists give a "report" so she can follow-up. She reassures me that the break-out after a facial is normal and there is no need to panic.

Day 3
The whiteheads returned at the spot that burst. I squeezed it out with a cotton pad soaked with toner. They stopped returning after today.

Day 5
My skin is smooth and flawless as Porcelain promised. Perfect for my holiday snaps!
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